Drahi, Niel, these two French champions who dream of America

LE SCAN ECO / MATCH – Patrick Drahi and Xavier Niel are now betting on the United States. The boss of Altice has just made an investment of 7 billion while the founder of Iliad tried unsuccessfully to buy T-Mobile US. Beyond their American adventures, these two emblematic figures of the French telecoms sector have other points in common.

, 51, and, 47, are two of the essential bosses of the telecoms sector in France, which everything opposes at the start. Born into a Jewish family in Morocco, Patrick Drahi went through the most prestigious schools and then through a large multinational before entering the field of cable networks in France. Xavier Niel is self-taught and made his debut in the pink Minitel before becoming the Internet guru in France and the.

The two men at the head of real empires in France have decided to try their luck in the United States. Patrick Drahi, boss of Altice, parent company of the French telecoms operator Numericable-SFR, has just bought 70% of the American Suddenlink, the seventh American cable operator valued at 9.1 billion dollars. Last year, Xavier Niel, boss of Iliad, parent company of the operator Free and Free Mobile, had tried to get his hands on T-Mobile US, the fourth and smallest mobile operator in the United States. But in October 2014, Deutsche Telekom, majority shareholder T-Mobile US, decided to reject the French group’s takeover offer.

Beyond these two American adventures, do these two emblematic figures of the telecoms sector have other points in common?

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