Distribution of election propaganda: behind the scenes of Adrexo's failure

Distribution of election propaganda: behind the scenes of Adrexo’s failure

INVESTIGATION – The company specializing in the distribution of advertisements faced many pitfalls for its first delivery of electoral envelopes. She intends to cling to her contract with the state as the presidential election approaches.

20 employees are currently being prosecuted for disposing of electoral envelopes in nature.

I kept getting yelled atrecalls Christine Pirès Beaune. During the regional and departmental elections of June 20 and 27, the socialist deputy volunteered to be an assessor in a polling station in her department of Puy-de-Dôme. Between their time in the voting booth and the “Voted!many voters reported their anger at not having received the electoral envelopes in their mailbox. In this department as in fifty others, it was the Adrexo company which was in charge of distributing electoral propaganda. The company has since come under fire for the flaws and malfunctions that marred its work.

Shocked by the extent of the shortcomings in her department, Christine Pirès Beaune contacted all the mayors of Puy-de-Dôme to understand how the distribution took place in their municipality. 195 mayors, out of a total of 463, answered the call. Only seven claim not to have met…