Dia stores: the situation is bogged down and employees are waiting for their salaries

For nearly three months, 47 former employees of 8 stores of the Spanish distribution chain have still not received remuneration from their buyer Gastt. Placed in receivership, the Polish group will file a criminal complaint against Carrefour which has sold it the stores.

of Gastt Expansion, the Polish group which in May took over eight Dia stores sold by Carrefour. A decision “incomprehensible” for the 47 employees who in fact. “These employees are currently in dramatic personal situations”, asserts Florence Rebut-Delanoë, their lawyer, at the Figaro. “Their salaries were already very low, and they are left with nothing.” Electricity and internet cuts, banking bans… The galleys are piling up. Especially since, as long as the judicial liquidation has not been pronounced,. “Financially, they are at bay,” confirms Carole Desiano of the Force Ouvrière union. “To help them, we notably put pressure on the banks to give up ballast.”

, Gastt Expansion had nevertheless committed, Thursday, to pay them wages for the second half of September. Or 30,000 euros net, in total. The two and a half months of remuneration not paid to employees must, for their part, be covered by the AGS, the wage guarantee scheme. But it will be necessary to wait until October 20 to receive the payment. In order to guarantee a new job for these employees, the commercial court a. Hence the postponement of the decision until next week. What Carrefour has done since Thursday, assuring that it would follow “very closely the file” and that the sign “would be attentive to the situation of employees at the end of the procedure”. When the time comes, and if no solution is found, Carrefour would suggest to employees on the floor to return to its ranks. For its part, the Competition Authority, which monitored the proper application of the sale of stores to the Polish operator, is keeping a close eye on the subject, and will not oppose a possible temporary return of stores to the bosom of Carrefour.

Gastt files a complaint against Carrefour

But why does the famous Polish company fail to pay the wages? “Gastt argues that he should have bought 50 stores at Carrefour,” explains Florence Rebut-Delanoë. “He assures us that he has not been able to raise the 20 million euros necessary to pay the employees, which seems to us quite implausible”. Contacted by Le Figaro, Adam Kuzmicz, leader of Gastt, gives a completely different version of the facts. “Initially, I had to take over 90 stores: 37 sites initially, and 53 in the second,” he explains. “I signed up for eight stores, and Carrefour communicated very poorly to get rid of the social problem.” The entrepreneur says that the employees got scared when they realized that their store, previously part of a large distribution group, was going to become a franchise and therefore be managed as an independent company. Which was not the diagram presented by Carrefour, still according to Gastt.

The Polish boss assures us that the supermarket giant then sought to sell him “non-compliant” stores. So he canceled the sale. For its part, Carrefour ensures that the sale was nullified on these 37 sites, the buyer not having respected its financial commitments on the new lot. Adam Kuzmicz will file a criminal complaint to obtain compensation for the 4 million euros he believes he has lost. “This battle, I’m going to win it”, he assures, determined.

This real imbroglio found its foundations in 2014. Carrefour. The Autorité de la concurrence nevertheless imposed on the leader of the large-scale distribution to resell 56 of them, in sectors where it risked being abused of a dominant position. Among these stores, some were sold to Gastt Expansion. This Polish company wanted to develop a cooperative franchise brand of fresh produce in France, in the form of a short circuit, Okey. With this system already existing in Poland, Gastt wanted each store to be independent.