“Deep Nostalgia”, the app that is a hit by bringing photos of your ancestors to life

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Deep Nostalgia application animates ancient images with a disturbing result.

A new application has become trendy on social networks:. Developed by MyHeritage, a site dedicated to genealogy, the tool allows us to bring our ancestors back to life through their photographs, in less than thirty seconds.

But how does this tool make it possible to animate images that are tens or even hundreds of years old? We must thank artificial intelligence. The company uses software based on “deep learning”, it is perfected as it is fed by data, for a bluffing… or terrible result. “Some people consider the feature magical, while others find it creepy and unpleasant.», Explains the company.

After a free connection by entering his email or via a Google account, the user must provide a photo which will then be retouched or “sublimatedBy the application before starting to animate automatically. The movements are not random, they come from a “pilot video”Designed in advance. Please note, a user without a subscription can only use the service ten times for free. Then you have to pay.

This computer-generated process resembles that used by the creators of “deep fakes», Fake videos almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. Latest example, a viral Tik Tok video by actor Tom Cruise.

Some users immediately saw another potential for this tool: the hijacking of works of art. On social networks, statues or paintings were entitled to their treatment by the algorithm.

«Protect your privacy»

How much can we trust an application that manages data as sensitive as our family photos? Already in 2019, an application of the same kind, FaceApp, had made the buzz before the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil) did

This time the system seems less data intensive. Once the user downloads their images “without having completed registration [au modèle premium]“, they are “automatically deleted to protect your privacy“. In the case of a paid subscription, the application acts as a host and keeps the content. However, the company undertakes not to share any content with third parties, and to leave you all the copyright of the video.