Dailymotion complains of being disadvantaged on Google against YouTube

According to a survey by Wall Street Journal, YouTube videos appear better on Google than those of its competitors.

Dailymotion, the Canal + group’s platform, points to the fact that its videos are less well referenced on Google than those of YouTube, a subsidiary of the American giant, after the publication of on the differences in treatment between YouTube and its competitors. “We regularly see that the videos available first on Dailymotion rank less well on Google than the same content published several days later on YouTube.“, Deplores the boss of Dailymotion Guillaume Clément in a press release. “This raises questions about the ability of competing video platforms to grow and develop on a level playing field in the face of Google’s overpricing of YouTube, by far the world’s most widely used search engine.He continues.

Asked by AFP, Google assures for its part that “there is no preference given to YouTube or any other video platform“. The investigation of Wall Street Journal believes that Google gives “a secret advantageTo YouTube against competitors like Dailymotion, Twitch, Facebook.

External signals

«Although the web giant claims to only prioritize ‘the most popular sites’ in its results, Wall Street Journal journalists have observed an inequality in SEO between Dailymotion and YouTube», Underlines the French platform. “Last March, the two platforms simultaneously hosted the same video. Although the video on Dailymotion generated over 1.3 million views while the one on YouTube only generated 66, the second appeared two-thirds of the time in first position in the results carousel on Google.She continues.

«Our system uses several signals from the web to understand the results that Internet users will find the most adequate on a given search. To ensure that these signals are used fairly across all sites, we use signals that are not specific to any site or platform.“, Explains Google for its part. “Thus, the number of views, ‘likes’ or comments received by a video on a given platform does not enter into our referencing system. Our video SEO system uses signals from all video sources equally», assure Google.