Consumption, water cuts, real estate: the eco recap of the day

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news this Friday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• Consumer spending rose only 0.1% in April

French households are very sensitive to the price of oil. With 0.1% in April, we are far from the increases of 1.5% in December and 0.5% in January. At the time, oil prices were dropping sharply.

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• Water cuts prohibited, even in the event of unpaid bills

The Constitutional Council validated this Friday the total ban on water cuts. Justice condemned several distributors for having cut off the water for several months to customers.

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• Real estate: the State is launching a special fund of one billion euros

The State is launching a fund to build 13,000 homes in 5 years for households not entitled to social housing but whose income is insufficient for the free market.

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But also

• This Friday is Neighbors Day. The opportunity for the SNCF to offer a promotional operation. It is not the only company to benefit from the event (Carrefour, Koolicar, Liebig…). One way for these companies to support their sales, by relaying the values ​​of sharing and solidarity.

. 75% of French banks charge for keeping the current account. The Crédit Mutuel service, still free in seven banking federations, will become chargeable as of October 1.

. The number of amicable separations approved by the administration shows an increase of 3.2% in April compared to the same month of 2014. Over the first four months of the year, the increase reached 2.7%.

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