Citizens' convention: Medef deplores "incredible provisions"

Citizens’ convention: Medef deplores “incredible provisions”

Patrick Martin, Deputy President of Medef and other members of employers with Prime Minister Jean Castex

Patrick Martin, deputy president of Medef, estimated Tuesday on BFM Business that the Citizen’s Climate Convention included “still incredible provisions”, especially for homeowners, the day after an exchange between Emmanuel Macron and the 150 citizens composing this entity.

“There must be no ambiguity, everyone shares the objective of protecting the environment and we have no lessons to learn, it’s a bit strange that this group of 150 citizens of goodwill is set up as a universal conscience and wants to decide for us”, lamented Patrick Martin.

“I think that entrepreneurs like employees like everyone else, retirees, must be able to express themselves, by a referendum or otherwise, I don’t know,” he said.

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Housing measures worry

According to the deputy president of Medef, “there are still provisions in this text which are incredible, for example the impossibility for a homeowner to sell or rent it from 2028, it’s tomorrow, if it does not comply with thermal standards”.

“In many territories, bringing it up to standard costs more than the price of housing, it’s an attack on property rights, there are people who have accumulated a small amount of wealth, it’s their retirement and bam, we say well no we withdraw it from you, we do not agree, ”he denounced.

Patrick Martin also deplored “a strange relationship with Ms. Pompili”, the Minister for Ecological Transition “and with her ministry” concerning the climate bill which should integrate nearly 40% of the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Convention.

“There is an important piece of legislation that is going to be presented, following the work of the citizens’ convention for the climate, do you know how much consultation time there was on this text with the social partners? Nine minutes with each partner. And we’ve been asking for a meeting with her (Barbara Pompili, editor’s note) for months and we haven’t been able to get it, ”said Mr. Martin.

“So when we see the stakes and the serious or important consequences of this text, we find that things are not going normally and that social democracy is not respected as they want us to believe”, he added.

French President Emmanuel Macron paved the way for a referendum on the inclusion of environmental protection in the Constitution on Monday, during his discussion with members of the Citizens’ Climate Convention.