Cancellations, delays… Hundreds of travelers furious with Corsica Ferries

Cancellations, delays… Hundreds of travelers furious with Corsica Ferries

Discontent is growing among these customers, who have gathered on social networks.

While the summer with the arrival of the summer holidays, the hour is not at rest for the passengers of Corsica Ferries. The company has come under fire for last-minute schedule changes, cancellations or refund issues. The Facebook group “” recently brought together these disillusioned customers and recently passed the 2000 member mark.

On the social network, there are hundreds of stories of passengers complaining about the service. This was created at the beginning of June by a Niçois, François Di Gaggio, who had been wronged several times by the company. “Since this year, no more routes exist between Nice and Ajaccio“, he discovered then. The drop too much for this native Corsican, who at the same time became aware “many other disgruntled travelers“. François Di Gaggio therefore decides to launch hisnon-violent and citizen project“with the aim of making”go back upthis massive dysfunction to the company.


The problems are not limited to this line from Nice. Anges Desault, co-manager of the Facebook group, continues: “They stick the cars in the ferries so much that sometimes you can’t get outshe says. It’s always been like that, it’s unbearable!“. Anges Desault also regrets that customer feedback is no longer even taken into account. “After each crossing, we are sent a link [pour un questionnaire de satisfaction], but it is no longer active“.

Customers mainly denounce the lack of reliability of the company. “Before Christmas they canceled a boat two days before departure, I had to spend 200 euros more for my trip», assures Anges Desault. Cédric Cherchi, another user of the company, also went up: “I canceled my tickets two weeks ago and the company promised me a refund over the phone“. But for the moment, the father of the family has no news and can no longer reach Corsica Ferries.

Covid pointed out

, the general manager of the company Pierre Mattei assures that the pandemic and health restrictions have played a major role in the deterioration of the service. “With the crisis, we did not know where the traffic would be this summer, so it was difficult to position our fleet according to demand, he assures. I want to remind you that We also have administrative problems with the Italians. Because from one region to another, the rules change every five minutes. day by day.»

These explanations do not convince François Di Gaggio, who hopes to bring this situation up to the competent authorities. He has already contacted the Fraud Department (DGCCRF), the mayor of Nice and certain Corsican deputies. So far, his appeal to local MPs has resulted in only one response. This silence is worrying, he concludes. We believe the beautiful advertisements at their word, but we get rolled in the flour.»