Can a La Poste employee sign an acknowledgment of receipt on your behalf?

Can a La Poste employee sign an acknowledgment of receipt on your behalf?

An employee of La Poste in Tulle risks a month of layoff for having signed the notice of receipt of a client herself, with the consent of the latter.

Thinking of doing well, Sylvie Auconie did not think for a second of putting herself in an annoying position… This 59-year-old postwoman, working in Tulle, in Corrèze, r, while she was aware of and agreed with this practice. Only problem, the daughter of this customer – to whom the parcel was a priori addressed, indicates La Poste – did not appreciate it and complained to the management. “The joint advisory committee, made up of members of management and staff representatives, issued an opinion yesterday. At this stage, the sanction has not been pronounced, the management will make its decision in the coming weeks, ”explains La Poste to the Figaro.

Although consenting, a customer cannot require the signature of a postman to receive a parcel “delivered under signature” or a registered letter. For this type of shipment, the sender has subscribed to a service that represents legal security and proof of delivery. “As soon as a postman does not respect the terms of distribution, it is all this legal certainty, expected by the sender, which is called into question”, specifies the postal service operator. In general, only the person to whom the shipment is sent is able to sign the proof of distribution. Unless a power of attorney letter has been made.

The postal oath

But under no circumstances, even with a written document, can a postman sign on behalf of a customer. “Postal workers are not authorized to receive proxies from customers, because the recipient’s signature is intended to” prove the hand delivery of the envelope by La Poste to the recipient, “explains to the Figaro The post office. In addition, postal workers must take an oath when they join the French company. They must ensure “the inviolability and secrecy of correspondence”, as well as “the confidentiality of personal data and information concerning the private life of others”. La Poste reminds on its website that in case of absence, parcel deliveries can be rescheduled to later dates. And if necessary, the parcels are pending in a postal point.