British competition authority opens investigation into Apple and its App Store

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is examining the practices of the Apple Store and its potential abuse of dominant position.

The British gendarme of competition opened an investigation this Thursday after receiving several complaints from application developers towards the App Store. The plaintiffs denounce the conditions of use of the Apple Store considered unfair and anti-competitive.

The investigation will determine whether the brand has a dominant position in the UK app distribution market. In the radar of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the fees charged by the firm when purchasing applications, but also purchases within them. The commissions charged by Apple represent 15 to 30% of the displayed price.

The AppStore is the only way for developers to distribute their applications to Apple products, be it iPhone or iPad. The American group must give its consent before an application is available on the AppStore and developers are required to comply with certain conditions.

Similar survey in the Netherlands

The apple brand has announced cooperation with the regulatory authority. She wished to recall in a press release that “the‘The App Store has been a tool that has helped app developers to succeed, in particular thanks to the rigorous standards that we demand – applied equally to all developers – in order to protect consumers from malware or the capture of private data. without their consent“. The group further recalls that the applications sector for its iOS system supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United Kingdom.

The Dutch courts have also opened an investigation into similar facts and are said to be on the verge of reaching a decision.

This question of an abuse of a dominant position by the tech giant is today at the heart of a lawsuit brought by the development studio Epic Games, which tried to free itself from the 30% of commissions requested by the hosts of applications. Like other developers, the video game publisher has sued Apple in the United States for anti-competitive practices, while the apple brand defends its closed ecosystem by the desire to protect the security of user data. Epic has also filed a complaint with the European Commission.

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