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Bloomberg launches its QuickTake news channel

Financial media targets young followers of social networks.

Bloomberg Media launches its news channel but does not want to copy FoxNews, MSNBC or CNN. The niche is indeed already very crowded and Michael Bloomberg’s group is targeting a younger, mobile, highly educated audience who grew up with social networks. QuickTake, launched on November 9, relies on streaming and not on cable operators to reach its target.

To watch QuickTake and its 10.5 hours of daily programs, you have to go through the major SVOD platforms (Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV). The new channel is in fact the extension of the video information service already called QuickTake launched on Twitter last year. It claims 50 million unique visitors per month. Bloomberg Television will continue its operations as a financial news cable channel in parallel.

Bloomberg Media insists on character “global” QuickTake programming. The English word overallrepeated by Justin B. Smith, boss of Bloomberg…