Ausha, a French start-up to conquer the podcast market

The podcast host totals three million monthly listenings and has established partnerships with many large groups.

For years, Maxime Piquette and Charles de Potter have been passionate about audio. Driven by the desire to revolutionize broadcasting and podcasting on the Internet, in 2013 they founded iCreo. The company, based in Tourcoing, is already at the origin of RadioKing, a web radio creation platform which now hosts 2,500 radio stations from 170 countries. Noting the difficulties faced by podcast creators when deciding to distribute their product, the two engineers set themselves a new challenge: to offer a simple solution to allow them to host, manage, distribute and monetize their podcasts. This is how in 2018, the Ausha platform was born.

EDF, Décathlon and Liberation podcasts

Today, over 2,700 podcasts are hosted on Ausha, totaling three million plays per month. Sport, history, culture, politics… All subjects are discussed, whatever the nature of the creators. “We work as well with independent players who record for fun as with large groups such as EDF, AXA, BNP Paribas or Décathlon. One of iCreo’s missions is to allow everyone to make their voice heard», Explains Maxime Piquette. Many media, among which, Release, the team or even AFP have also chosen Ausha to host their podcasts.

The arrival on the French market in March 2019, a direct competitor of Ausha, did not frighten the inhabitants of Tourquennois. “We do not position ourselves at all in the same way, they are entirely geared towards advertising, whereas we mainly operate by subscriptions. The freedom of monetization that Ausha offers allows us to forge our own path», Assures the entrepreneur. The company has also forged partnerships with Spotify, Deezer and Apple, allowing a podcast to be added to these platforms with one click.

The generalized confinement also had its influence on the popularity of the platform: the average audiences of the catalog increased by 27%, and those of youth podcasts by 350%. A pleasant surprise for the founders. “It was believed that podcasts were mostly consumed on the way between home and work. But we were so connected to our screens, I imagine a lot of us saw listening to podcasts as relaxing moments that gave us a chance to rest our eyes.“, Advances the engineer.

Labeled by the ACPM

If Ausha is so appealing, it is partly thanks to the quality of the information it provides to creators about their listeners. “Data is a crucial element for podcasters. The idea is to give them a global image, in terms of age and gender for example, so that they can know who they are talking to in order to better connect with them.», Explains Maxime Piquette. Ausha is thus the only French podcast platform labeled by the Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM), a guarantee of reliability.

Thanks to a fundraising of 1.2 million euros completed in March, Ausha now intends to expand outside of France. “Even if the heart of the company will remain in Tourcoing, we are opening an office in Paris to get closer to our customers and our partners, and to conquer the European market.», Announces the co-creator of the platform. And, subsequently, even if the two entrepreneurs are aware that the competition in the United States is very tough, they are convinced that they will one day go “nibble on american cake».