Zbsil leads motokr on PDA (Pocket games)

At the end of the working week, we will traditionally have a summary of game news and updates for your handheld. We will look for mines, save the earth from aliens and take a look at the new acne RPG.

News and updates

AD Mines

V minulm sle we imagined an original search for mines in a 3D environment.

Game AD Mines from the company Tealoo if originality than, but it will offer you a choice of several game themes, and after all the mines are revealed, you will see a nice picture. In some subjects, the fields with hearing are noticeably recognizable and it is necessary to lag behind LowRes version).

Control the whole game stylus. You mark mines with a pen from a certain field outside it. AD Mines go down to PalmOS from version 5.0 s LowRes a HiRes resolution. Cost $ 5 and download the demo HERE.

Star Invader II

The earth again became the target of a flow of extraterrestrial aliens. With your armed stack, you will fight against them on land and water. Neptel is really much, and on display chaos. At the end of the game, you have to learn to spill out what a bonus image is and what it didn’t.

The manufacturer is the company IBE Groups a demoverzi sthnete HERE. The game costs a small $ 19.99 and the first dl is also available for the platform PocketPC.

COCOTO Kart Race

Beneath the rather wild name is a new arcade 3D game, which is not only about your idisk abilities, but also about your luck and strategy.

In it, ride on 15 tratches divided into 5 worlds with 14 aqueducts. code just that there are errors multiplayer.

The maker of the game is the company TetraEDGE and cost for PocketPC $ 14.95 and for Symbian S60 and MS Smartphone $ 9.95.

Pop Drop
Hra Pop Drop from the company
Momentum Games h very cheerful colors of inflatable packages, which you have to let crack with the help of a stylus so that they do not fly. But beware of bombs, the danger of skulls and the gnashing of fish, you will lose lives when they meet.

The game costs $ 14.95 and you download the demo version HERE. Run it on all PocketPCs except Windows Mobile 2003SE.


Company MDev develop a new acn 2D game with RPG elements.

Pbh takes place in the time of wolves between vampires and werewolves. As a protagonist for a vampire who once saved his leader, a dream of a weapon and a musketeer will give you to defeat your enemies.

The CAD game should last for an hour and then it can be closed with two ends, which you choose during the edges. Cost $ 14.99.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

IBE Chess
achy free urit pot kadho fan achovch parti. IBE Chess does not lack features hint (npovda know), undo (thrust stroke), saved games, HotSeatmultiplayer and further. Black polka bags are painted a light blue color and they are completely indistinguishable from those fleas that make the game somewhat confusing.

The manufacturer oh free is the company IBE Groups. You take them HERE.

Crimson Fields
The introduction of Linux move strategies similar to Panzer General and Battle Isle on PalmOS displays, and for some time there is also among MS Smartphon users.

The main game is: To use the best strategy, you must try to destroy the enemy’s army.

The game requires a memory card, because in addition to the program itself, you must install support files, etc.

Crimson Fieldsje ve svm stdiu vvoje ponkud nestabiln, co je nutn mt na pamti. Pm link for downloaded version for PalmOS can be found HERE.

For readers of the list of Sudoku board games, there is a novelty from this series from the company
Discobeat Software.

Sudoku, just offers 150 puzzles, plus the ones you make yourself, is designed for PocketPC in a special resolution of 200 × 200. Download for free.


New maps to Medieval Heroes II
If you use maps in the strategy Medieval Heroes II from the manufacturer
Arcona Magi ohran, mete si za poplatek $ 5.25 podit nov balek pti oficilnch map (Norse Raid,Blitzkrieg, King of the Hill, Great Sea a Eastern Empire).