Windows XP on your phone and mobile browser for free Opera

Pinme vm gave an overview of the program for Symbian. Reminder vs. Notification of lost calls and text messages. Opera has released the final version of its excellent browser, while Total Xp Theme will change the background of the phone to Windows XP style.

Total Xp Theme

Total Xp Theme changes the background of your Nokia S60 phone to Windows XP style. So if I have this system in your bug and you should always have it in this form, you can download it for $ 3.99 here.

Aspicore Ping for S60

Aspicore Ping is a simple program that allows you to send a ping command from your mobile phone.

The program, which is free, works on the new S60 zazench (Symbian OS v7.0s / 8.0) and get it from here.


Reminder always notifies you of missed calls, untouched texts at first or messages in the voice mailbox, you can set any sound or melody.

The test version is limited to a number of warnings. Visually impaired users can get the application for free by sending an IMEI to the program manufacturer’s e-mail. The rest will pay $ 8.00 for the S60 program.


We informed you about the Tutor application. Program umon language learning using Symbian zazen. It contains over 450 known words and words organized into nine categories according to use. After the German version, the program using panltin is now for me.

Get the app for $ 6.95 from here.

Italian-Czech & Czech-Italian dictionary for Sony Ericsson

To avoid language programs, you can take the SlovoEd program, which is an Italian-Czech and Czech-Italian dictionary. In both directions there is a 110 thousand killer.

The program exists in many versions for both S60 and UIQ or Nokia 9300/9500 zazen. Its price in $ 24.95.

Psiloc BlueSync

Psiloc BlueSync enables automatic synchronization of the required data in your phone via Bluetooth with a PC.

You can synchronize, for example, contacts, calendar or to-do items. Supporting programs are Outlook and Lotus Notes.

You do not need to install any software on the PC to run the program – synchronization is done via the Widcomm Bluetooth interface.

The application is now only compatible with the Nokia 6260 phone and you can try both the test version and the program for $ 24.95 to buy here.

Opera Mini

Opera has released the final version of its Opera Mini browser, which is designed for mobile phones.

You can download it for free from here, where you can choose the manufacturer and model of your phone, or by WAP and sending an SMS first M OPERA to the word 9070930 (text message costs 60 crowns).