Vborn bowling or automatic soft keyboard

Pinme vm gave an overview of the program for Symbian. The Free Message Saver application allows you to download your SMS from your mobile phone to your PC. Rocketeer is an interesting game with pyrotechnics, JJLKeyLock automatic key lock and MiniBowling card bowling.


The mRemind program is another reminder of missed calls and untouched SMS first. Allows you to set the time at which you want to be notified, both for calls and text messages.

I was reminded to run either text only or ringing and vibrating.

Programs for Symbian

The application is to me for $ 9.50.

Message Saver for S60

Message Saver is a simple program that allows you to save text messages from your phone to your PC first. Save either selected or all text messages in several ways – via IR / Bluetooth, SMS, MMS or e-mail.

Programs for Symbian

Get the application completely free of charge here.

JJLKeyLock for S60

The same manufacturer also offers a type of program. JJLKeyLock is an automatic S60 zazen key lock. This allows you to set the time for the keys to lock.

Programs for Symbian

Download the program for which you do not have to pay anything here.

NiceClock S60

NiceClock is an all-round utility, primarily combined as a clock screen with a dark clock. These are displayed across the entire screen and will be sent to those who do not wear a watch and use their first phone to find out.

NiceClock displays the time, which can be listened to, in analog and digital form. The program notifies of missed calls and incoming SMS and an elegant animation, as can be seen in the picture.

Programs for Symbian

An application that is skinnable can be used as an alarm, reminder and organizer.

This version of the program, which we introduced in Palmara, is designed for Symbian v8 zazen (Nokia 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70, N90). Its price in $ 19.95.


Rocketeer is an interesting game with a machine. It is up to you to build an incinerator for you in the allotted time. Take away more of them, tm vt is your closet.

Programs for Symbian

This is in real graphics and accompanied by real sound effects.

Programs for Symbian

Buy the game, which is a test room for Nokia S60 zazench, for $ 6.90 here.


MiniBowling is a ball game for S60 zazen. Bowling offers you three types of games, including the possibility of a duel via Bluetooth. It’s in pkn graphics and for the price of $ 9.95.

Programs for Symbian


The solution is needed by all users looking for a powerful mathematical calculator for their Symbian.

It supports functions +, -, /, *, ^, sqrt (x), sin (x), cos (x), tan (x), ctg (x), arcsin (x), arccos (x), arctan ( x), arcctg (x) exp (x), log (x), ln (x), abs (x), re (x), im (x), sh (x), ch (x), th (x) ) or cth (x). Can display data in coordinates on a graph and much more.

Programs for Symbian

Get out of here for $ 24.99.