Turn your phone into a webcam and connect it to maps (Symbian software)

He gave an overview of the program for Symbian is here. Mobile Search allows you to completely search your phone. Mobiola Web Camera turns into a mobile phone into an Internet camera, AquaCalendar is called the best PIM application and CubiX MP3 is a great player.


Phone2GEarth is an application that, in conjunction with GPS and Google Earth, displays your location on a map. This happens through a generated KLM file, which the program sends via Bluetooth to the computer and on it is shown on the map, where you are currently located.

The program is designed for Series60 zazen and you will only use it with GPS navigation and Google Earth.

Programs for Symbian

You can try the app or buy it for $ 15 here.

Mobile Search

Mobile Search allows complete search in Symbian devices. The program searches contacts, calendar, notes, but also ToDo applications, SMS, notepad and e-mails. There is no lack of search in addresses and websites.

Programs for Symbian

Purchase the urn program for Series60 zazen for $ 18, so you can try its trial version.

Mobiola Web Camera

Mobiola Web Camera turns into a cell phone into a webcam. Application consists of two st – program for telephone and urench controller for pota. After connecting them via Bluetooth and running the software on the mobile phone, you can use it as a webcam.

Programs for Symbian

You can adjust the image quality, contrast, brightness and compression in the application.

The program now only works on the Nokia 6600, 6620, 7610, 6630, 6670, 6260, 6680/1/2 zazench and its price is 20 USD. The test version is limited to a maximum connection time of 5 minutes.

AquaCalendar for Series80

AquaCalendar is named the best PIM application for Symbian. It contains a calendar, knee pad, contact manager, first and last year. You can use a number of icons in the application and customize the color to your liking.

Programs for Symbian

Run the application on a Nokia 9300/9500 zazench and its price is $ 24.95, a trial version is available. There is also a version for Series60.

CubiX MP3 Player

CubiX MP3 Player is a music player that supports playlists, 3D visualizations, 10-band equalizers and skinnability.

Programs for Symbian

Play CubiX MP3 Player music in two ways – graphics and text.

The program is ready for UIQ for a price of $ 11.99.