Turn the phone into a snc ball or harpoon the ornaments

Pinme gave me, this time a nice overview program for Symbian. Christmas Cards is a pack of animated pn. Snow Globe will turn your mobile phone into a snc ball, and you can get a free edition of Li-Nuggz for free.

M-Greetings: Christmas Cards 1, 2

Get animated packages after purchasing M-Greetings: Christmas Cards. For $ 2.50, get ten issued e-cards, which you can then send, for example, to your friends.


Shop the program for urns for Symbian zazen here

Christmas Theme 1, 2

You can have any themes on the screen of your P9XX series communicator after purchasing the Christmas Theme package. It just didn’t cost a dollar.


You can then get two special skins for the Handy Day program completely free of charge. The only condition is that you will be a user of this application.


Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs not only plays the most famous carols in your Nokia Series 60 phone, but also displays animated characters in them.


Download for $ 3 from here

Snow Globe

Snow Globe turns your mobile phone into a snc ball. Everybody remembers here – it’s a glass thing that will send like a dad. Snowflakes begin to fall after another day.

You can now do the same in your Symbian S60 with this program. In nm, you can watch a 3D scene, where you can freely rotate the camera and see it from any noise. If you have a phone with a digital camera, you do not even need to press any button to take a picture.


The program costs $ 9.95 and you can buy it here.

Christmas Carol

You can now read the book Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens on the display of your mobile phone. All you need is an e-book reader and $ 3.95 to pay for the book.

Li-Nuggz X-Mas

You can get the free edition of Li-Nuggz for free. You can harpoon on the wheels by bouncing the ornaments inside and achieve the highest possible score. When planted, each ball splits into two names, which you must destroy. It is necessary to monitor the time spent, which is never wasted.


Download for free here