Throw everything at Bill Gates for free!

Christmas is behind her, but the company int123, which has released a bunch of arcade games in one package for PocketPC, can hopefully go now. The rest of the games presented today are from the arcade. An exception is the kind of continuation of the moves of the StormLine strategy and Pie Bill Gates 2.

News and updates

The day will be replaced by a new acne arcade, in which you will fight your way with a tank armed to the teeth.

Around the game is to make your way through a dog 36 straight hordes of neptiles. The tactic, you will be afraid to just go through the cowards, does not really pay off. According to your combat ability, get to determine the amount of credit for which you are technically upgrading in the tank.

Run the game on PocketPC from version 2002. It costs $ 12.95 and its manufacturer is a company JLE Software.

Deluxe Arcade Pack
tyi brand new arkdov games in one package. The company brought such a surprising surprise for the price of 17.95 USD nm

The first game PacMad is a modern processing of lute slaughter heads from Namca called Pac-man. And he Gold Mine with your own editor you must also collect all the mounds of gold within the time limit. Thinking Bunny I, unlike other games, logically. Your goal is to navigate your baby’s neck straight to the end. Game Android vs will take you to the location of full bad guys and collect all the bombs around you.

Each game can be purchased individually for $ 7.95.

StormLine II

Vrobce tahov strategie StormLine – RelLab – prepared for PocketPC its kind to continue. This pin, according to the screenshot, is probably improved and modern graphics are processed in full detail and a variety of environments. New units and buildings were added.

Buy the game for $ 21. You can download the demo version HERE. Requires at least PocketPC 2003 with ARM and XScale processor.

Plazmoids game! is a certain acne all-round 2D spray, in which you can shoot down as many Neptilla ships as possible. There are also a total of 15 and intertwine in one of these difficulties. They will use 4 weapons plus one special.

Plazmoids! from firm Intorine run on all HiRes palms from version 5.0. Cost $ 14.95.

You can try a new arkanoid called ZBall on your Nokia with the Symbian S60 series system.

proceed straight through all the bricks. If the ball falls tikrt during the game, lose it. Of course, there are also bonus pictures, such as your shot and the number of bullets. Equal pot and constructor of own equals.

The game costs $ 6.99 and the manufacturer is the company RHiTech.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

Pie Bill Gates 2: Winter Edition
And for whatever reason, you don’t like Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, try the kind of continuous free arc from the company
MoreGames Entertainment.

In principle, it did not differ from the first debt, but it changed the graphic jacket to winter and music with sounds underwent changes. So it’s about to shoot the heads of Bill Gates as much as possible.

The game is free with it running on PocketPC from version 2002.


The company prepared a simple arcade game for us HandGems.

There is a serpent around you for the fruit in the arn. The snake is moving in the direction, but with the help of an ar, which you draw with the stylus, you can direct its movement towards the fruit. If the snake touches the skull or runs out of the playing area, you will lose a life.

Run the game on PalmOS from version 3.0. Its free.