Table Soccer – play table football on PDA

Table Soccer was then intended only for VGA zazen. Now the owners of “ordinary” PDAs will get their money’s worth and they can play a table football straight away. The game offers a list of online statistics and, in addition to three tables, twenty teams, including the Czech.

We mentioned it in our pockets in Table Games in Palmar. This tabletop, which contains three pieces of play and twenty dark sentences in the background, was only “chosen” for its release. The game, which offers, among other things, online support, through which it is possible to upload the results to the company’s server and download the darkness and hit, so only the owner of VGA zazen could enjoy it. Resco Table Soccer can be used by everyone else and we will include a review of the QVGA PocketPC version.

In addition to settings, statistics and the ability to send the result to the manufacturer’s server, the game offers two types of routes. Friendly is the arcade, where you can choose another opponent after a long time and don’t be afraid to get out of the group as much as the ampion – a kind of option that the game offers. In it you can choose from three types – Resco Trophy, which records the results on the Internet, World Cup and Championship Cup are standard championships without sending statistics to the web.

Table Soccer

In the friendly world, he himself chooses the darkness, but also the table on which he will play. They differ not only in color, but also in the type of surface, which can be fast in some cases than in others. The game is divided into two halves, I can take one depending on the set pt and twenty minutes.

There are two ways to control games that can be customized in the menu (including stylus sensitivity or display orientation change). Either individually with a stylus or combined using hardware buttons. In this case, touch a game or the thread to which it is attached with your stylus and move it up and down. By tapping forwards or backwards, the figure moves in the horizontal direction and can shoot me.
You have to get used to it for a while, it won’t get under you, after a while of thorns you will find it relatively easy. Choose them mono so from t kind of difficulty of the game.

What makes the game work is the graphics at a very good level. You can only see the game from above, as they move back and forth, you can see the bag and not just their heads. Although the graphics cannot be compared to those displayed on detailed VGA displays, there is some better access to the better ones that appear on QVGA screens. The games also boast the authentic color of the national jerseys.

In addition to the sound of rattling or bangs at the arrest and end of each half, musical accompaniment appears in the house. This is a bag for incomprehensible reasons only in the menu, when the route itself is silent after the pin.

The results are recorded in the game statistics. After connecting the PDA to the Internet, you can also send the box to the website of the company Resco, which is behind the game Table Soccer. This bag is pre-registered online from your pocket computer. Subsequently, in addition to the file, you can download some of the missing teams, which can be a large number of 44.

You can try Table Soccer thanks to the demo version, which the manufacturer offers on his website for download. If you like the game and want to buy it, get $ 19.95. The program is designed for PocketPC from version 2000 and supports both QVGA and VGA displays.