Sunnysoft vCard – business cards from PDA to mobile phone and vice versa

Sunnysoft launches mobile devices with the new Sunnysoft vCard application. The program is designed for the Windows Mobile Phone Edition platform and allows sending and receiving electronic business cards via GSM to all white mobile phones.

If you have ever wanted to send a business card from a regular phone to a PDA (or vice versa), you may have come across a problem that you do not understand. The Sunnysoft vCard program allows you to send and receive electronic business cards via GSM to all white phones.

VCard, for which the term “electronic business card” has been adopted, is used in many e-mail, voice and communication clients as a universal format for secure exchange of contact with each other. It usually contains information about the user, his company, addresses, photos, etc. If you receive a personal contact from someone in vCard format (file.vcf), after opening it, click twice on the icon of this file and then open it to see where you can you can easily view this contact and import it into your address. In a similar way, the contact can be exported in any way.

Sunnysoft vCard

The Sunnysoft vCard application is used for sending and receiving electronic business cards and conveniently stored at your own address. It supports anyone’s accents, as well as typically Czech names and calls to playfully, both ways (sending and receiving). Other features include the automatic storage to which the last vCard was sent or the ability to save many of these contacts at once. Thanks to this, the user does not have to lose time with each individual. Send a vCard by picking up the address from the back of the back, quickly and easily.

The application is designed for the Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone Edition platform, both the old version 2003 and 2003 SE and WM5. Supporting are both VGA zazen and square displays or landscape md.

You can try the program for free here from here. The trial version will work without restrictions for 14 days. Price of the application in 356 crowns with VAT.