Stop low battery and convenient web surfing (PalmareFreeware)

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. CalcNote combines a calculator and a notes block. It’s TuSSH
SSH client for palms, iBClock displays the clock in five ways and BattSleep prevents the battery from running out.

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BattSleep v2.0

If you leave, for example, the music player in your PocketPC on, you will simply run out of PDA batteries and delete the data. BattSleep allows you to set the percentage of the battery status, when it is reached, a warning depth is displayed and then the Pocket Pot automatically shuts off. In addition, the program informs about the status of memory full on both PDA and memory cards, but the device can be turned off and restarted through the application.

Download here

CalcNote v1.2

CalcNote combines a calculator and a note pad. It can be minimized with one click, supports copy & paste and optional size.

Download here

Minimum CE v0.010

New version of the browser for PDAs based on Mozilla. Pin better scrolling, enhanced pop-up pop-up functionality, auto-form completion, support for WM 5.0, integrated search toolbar and many other features, so this browser is at least worth a try.

Download here

10gSoft World Clock Sync v2.0

World Clock Sync is an application that displays international telephone prefixes and time in 220 world resorts. The clock is synchronized via NTM time servers whenever you connect both ActiveSync and GPRS devices. New version of pin glue graphics and user interface.

Download here


TuSSH v0.81

TuSSH is an SSH client for PalmOS zazen. It connects palm trees from OS 4.0 and works on OS 3.5 with a black display. The terminal is displayed in an 80 × 25 point window, supports SSH1, import of private keys, etc.

Download here

Percent Table v1.4

A simple application for all those who often use a different percentage range. Me jt o classification, kly graf and jin. One and two decimal places can also be set. The author is a teacher and he wrote the application for himself, you will also be useful in m.

Download here

iBClock v3.3

iBClock is only a clock. and with it, they display in several different forms, in addition to the standard clock, there are digital, binary, hexadecimal, octal and clock clocks in slices. The last few versions of the pin program have improved the application’s resources, thanks to which its size has changed.

Download here

Address Book rename tool v1.21

If you have different company addresses and contacts in your address (more people at one company), you know how annoying it is when you have to write down your company address when changing. This program is all for you – you can enter any right to one company only once and the program will take care of the rest. Very good incl.

Download here