Spb AirIslands – strategy that causes verticality (review)

Do you want to become an island and build your village from the ground up? Ve he Spb AirIslands so you can do it. And if you get tired of playing God, you can unwind with some of the three minigames that are part of this hilarious strategy, which is especially a real feast for the eyes on VGA pocket pots.

Spb AirIslands is a new product from Spb Software House. This is a strategy game in which you have to build a functioning bridge with satisfied citizens and put into operation a gravitator that has been destroyed.

You will have nothing to do but except a little board, wood, bricks and water. You will not be able to build new buildings or cut down trees without them.

As with most similar games, in this connection in connection with m. If you build a lot of houses and you have many residents, who often top, there will be mountains of air. The more air there is, the darker your subjects will breathe and their productivity will decrease. Therefore, do not forget to plant trees, but also to build wedges, where they will be able to hide collected raw materials or chapels, in which people will go to pray. Gradually, you will be able to exhibit a total of eight types of different buildings (but at the same time you have to choose whether to build them all or not and in what order you will also boit…).

Spb AirIslands

Every building needs to be repaired over time, and if you don’t start, the exhibited exhibits will fall into disrepair and fall. It is necessary to pay attention to the satisfaction of the population or the economic situation of your island.

You can find all these data in one city, in addition to which you can see how many virtual days you play it or how the condition of your inhabitants and buildings.

Game processing

What you process is fantastic in one word. We tested the game on VGA devices and the graphics are very fine, except for the moving and working inhabitants, you can see a lot of other moving objects such as windmills or clouds. The rest of the game can be handled as a screensaver, depending on the manufacturer.

The game itself takes place on a relatively small area, so you have to place objects with caution – when you build ten houses, you will not have room for other elements that you would build later.

The sound page does not lose any graphics. In the background, music and sounds are made not only by the inhabitants when they fix something, but also by their home.

In the upper left corner you can see the clock according to which you can orient yourself. Thanks to the pressure next to the weather and speed up, what happens, especially at night, when the inhabitants still do not work, but only sp. After a few days of edges, we would appreciate the ability to go so fast, especially if you just wait for it, and give the inhabitants the required amount of pensions for which you want (sometimes something expensive) to buy and improve – in the case of a gravitator.

There is no kind of mailbox in which the summary of activities for each day goes, or it should be warned that you should repair houses, grind trees (they may wither again) or clean the water in a pond, from which abinec can easily become.

The way to do it is interesting. Provide pensions in the form of a tax or a subject. You have to secure the wood, bricks and water to the bag yourself. Mini games are used to obtain these raw materials, which you can exchange with each other in a limited (and unsuitable, as is the case) course.

Spb Arkaball II, with the help of him to break bricks, is a classic arkanoid. This is not a simple version of the day, Arkaball is not missing animated explosions, bonuses and if you like it, you can go through a fairly fifty level. The score points are automatically transferred to the game.

Spb Bubbles vm umon to get water. inte a connecting at least the same packages, which then fall down. You can put down all the color combinations around you, the ceiling decreases with increasing time and in the next levels (30 in total) there is more packaging. Choose the difficulty of the edges.

And the end of Spb Xonix II, where you have to get a certain st devn area by cutting it. In the process, a ball is torn, later it is gradually added, as well as soft on the table or magnet. Here, too, at the highest level and five types of neptiles, you can also collect bonuses that slow down time, speed up cutting or add extra life.

All games in which you can use the autosave function can be run separately, so you are not only referred to the main game Spb AirIslands.


Spb AirIslands is a type of game in which you can hold the clock. And if you get frosty, you can play a game of fast-paced games. The game is designed for both QVGA and VGA PocketPC zazen. It works on the tested Acer n310 without any shutdown, according to the manufacturer, run it under the operating systems Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 – iPAQs ad 39xx and 55xx are not supported. The size of the VGA version of the game is known, you have to prepare 28MB of space for it, but at least for the tried and tested Spb AirIslands it is worth it. If vs catch interest and you want to buy it, prepare $ 20.

There are also separate pages on which you can find, for example, maps of other games or the best game they have achieved.