spades Ultimate Football and space simulator Anthelion (Pocket games)

Some of the individuals took or received a day off thanks to the public holiday. You can spend it including, for example, battle tanks, a new football simulator and ibenice, which is available for free.

News and updates

My Little Tank

Astraware In time, she called and released a new spade arcade game My Little Tank (for Symbian phone calls naming Tankermania).

For a fee of $ 14.95 (limited action), you will receive a large number of 60 equals, five types of non-urban tanks and excellent graphics.

Run My Little Tank on all PocketPCs with ARM / XScale processors, MS Smartphones and PalmOS from version 5 with HiRes resolution.

Simple Blackjack
The name is that Simple Blackjack is designed for nenron games that do not require bombastic rendered graphics and have a deeper pocket.

The cards are large and neat and there are also a number of pieces.

Run the game in the dark on all colored and colorful PalmOS. Cost $ 1.95.

Ultimate Football

Our football team is sure to take part in the World Cup and that’s why you should they were to be the first fans to equip their PocketPC with a football simulator.

Hork novinka Ultimate Football by the author Take Cooperate (for owners of Symbian UIQ, the phone has been known for a long time) use a full-fledged 3D engine and you will find here all the tactics of your darkness, such as formations, game aggression, etc.

The game costs $ 14.95.

Daisy Words
Around the new logic board game Daisy Words is to save Daisy from a bad dog. You can achieve this by combining individual letters into the whole English word.

The game is available for PocketPC with ARM / XScale processors, Windows PC and Mac OS, in a cute graphics.

The manufacturer is the company Shoecake Gamesand Daisy Words is for a fee of $ 19.95.

Processing of the popular board game Reverse, in which it is a matter of gaining the sweat of a stone not competing, pin company
Bellennium Mobile Solutions.

Reverse offers clear and beautiful graphics. When the current screen is displayed, the battery and your overall statistics are listed at the bottom of the screen.

Reverse costs worth $ 3.95.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

New to the Nokia 9500 communicators is this fringe, a game you’ve probably played in the bike under the benches. The necessity of edges is knowledge of English, just practice it.

To run Hangman games you need to install the OPL Runtime library on your phone, which you can download HERE.

The game itself is free and its manufacturer is a company 3-Lib.

V pprav

Anthelion 2: Celestial Vigilance
PDA Mill ready for all fans of space simulators kind of continuing the famous game Anthelion.

The game will be bet on all VGA PocketPCs and a version will also be available for PocketPCs with OpenGL support.

You can download the beta version of the game here sthnout, but we warn against possible data loss.