Slovnk unlimited possibilities and wallpaper for every day (Programs for Symbian)

Pinme vm gave an overview of the program for Symbian. FotoJive vm umon free to share photos and videos. AutoPaper will take care of the regular change of the wallpaper, Aspicore Ping is a simple internet utility and Fairway 3D golf for Nokia communicators.

AutoPaper – Landscape

AutoPaper will take care of changing the wallpaper on your phone at a predetermined time. You can choose from hours, daily, weekly and monthly periodicity, landscape and portrait mdu and pictures to choose either from your gallery, or choose from the wallpaper of the program manufacturer.

Programs for Symbian

The application for S60 zazen is for a fee of $ 4.99 and you can also try its test version.


FotoJive is a program for easily and quickly sending photos or videos from your mobile phone to the Internet.

City application – client for mobile phone and program on PC. The moment the phone submits a picture or video, the program asks if the file can be sent to the server in addition to the saved one. It offers each user 100MB of free space and with the help of a desktop program you can edit the images or view them and play the video.

The program is free and you can download it here. More information about it can be found at


Sdictionary is a cross-platform view of dictionary databases. It supports unicode characters, word search, tdn, clipboard, etc.

The program itself for both S60 and UIQ devices is paid, many dictionaries, including English-Czech and Czech-English, and put combinations on it with one of the foreigners can be obtained for free in the program, as well as a large number of other language versions.

You can download the application from here, there is also a test version. The version for S60 zazen costs $ 11.99, the program for UIQ is for $ 19.20.


SudoX is a variation of the Sudoku game. This time one for the SE P800 / 900/910 device, which has the option of choosing the size of the area and, depending on the manufacturer, an unlimited number of game variations.

SudoX is free and can be downloaded here.

Aspicore Ping

Aspicore Ping is a simple internet utility for zazen Nokia 9300/9500. Allow to enter the entered address, including the necessary time or number of sent, received and lost packets.

Download the free program from here.

Fairway 4

Like the previous application, Fairway is for toton zazen and is free. It is a 3D simulation of golf, playing a game of one game against potai or a game of two.

Download here.