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Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. The KoolWeekDay program determines the day of the week according to the specified date. Tascal Close All closes all applications with one click, Hitchhiker’s search hotspot and Origami On The Go vs learn the secret origami.

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PDA Check

PDA Check displays various system information about your palm. These are divided thematically according to the category – you can find out the battery status, display resolution, memory size and occupancy, OS version, processor type, etc.

Download here

Pick A Number

You can use the Pick A Number application, for example, to generate a sport of the same type. It is enough to enter the lowest and highest number and their number and the program will then take care of the rest.

Download here


KoolWeekDay is a simple program that determines the day of the week according to the specified date.

Download here

Origami On The Go

Origami On The Go pin tutorial step by step how to assemble origami. The application is complemented by the history of this traditional Japanese art. Its new version is a complete front panel, a number of changes and support for both landscape and portrait md.

Download here


Tascal Close All

Simple program for closing all running applications. Just press the CloseAll shortcut and all programs will be closed.

Download here

Currency Converter 2005

He gave me a converter for PocketPC. The program downloads current courses from the Internet and then allows you to transfer them to each other.

Download here


The Hitchhiker offers free access to Wi-Fi. Just click the Connect button and a list of available main addresses and signals will be displayed shortly. The application also displays the history of connections and washes many settings. Latest version of pin support for VGA devices and Windows Mobile 5.

Download here

Pocket TV Classic

Pocket TV Classic is a player that can handle not only MPEG files, but also the interpretation of music and pictures. When playing a .mpg file, fullscreen mode is of course supported. I miss the popular screen shot. The user is very proud of the program, especially for its small size, but at the same time sunny stability and quality of the superimposed image. New e several problems with WM5.

Download here