Play Dooma for free and play for free (Programs for Symbian)

He gave an overview of the program for Symbian is here. is a new method in vkldn text. F-Secure antivirus program for Symbian devices, Call Cost Saver can save you a little money for your calls and EDoomS60 is a well-known link for S60 devices.

Photo Blaster

Photo Blaster is a simple program that adds strange effects like hearts and flowers to photos created with a mobile phone.

When shooting, the subject is “swapped” and then “listed” can be selected. Photo Blaster allows you to save images and send and create a collection of the best photos.

Programs for Symbian

You can buy the application for $ 6.95 here.

F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus

F-Secure is an antivirus program for Symbian zazen. Pin real-time virus protection with the possibility of automatic update both via HTTPS secured connection and via SMS and allows manual scanning.

Programs for Symbian

The program with automatic connection detection connected for download update works on Series60 phones and is for a fee of $ 34.95.

Call Cost Saver

Call Cost Saver can save a little money on your calls. Depending on the settings, the application warns against a new set minute. In addition to the number of seconds to the next minute, you can set whether you want to be notified of each call or only of outgoing calls.

Programs for Symbian

The bohuel program only works on the Symbian zazench Nokia. You can try and buy for $ 4.95 here, the test version is limited to ten runs.


EDoomS60 is a sweat for all Series60 zazen owners and fans of 3D acnch games. This was a port of the well-known game Doom, which was tested on the Siemens SX1 phone, but will also work on other devices.

Programs for Symbian

The game is still evolving, in future versions we can prove the support of music and the possibility of screen rotation.

EDoomS60 is free and you can download it from the manufacturer’s website. umon ovldn UIQ zazen using your finger. It is not necessary to use a stylus when entering text, but this program is enough.

How does work? It’s simple. When typing, touch the area where the desired letter is located on the software keyboard with your finger. The city around it is then enlarged and then only needs to be specified. If the correct letter is selected, the enlarged “bubble” disappears again. If this new text input method is faster than the standard methods, the application manufacturer does not mention it. At least you can try

Programs for Symbian

The program costs $ 16.99 and the pages to it are here.