Paste free from PDA for free or record zapitch fluids

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. The WaterLog program allows you to record fluid outages during the day. Active Sync Toggle turns off the automatic synchronization of the PDA with the PC, tMan is the eskm task manager and PocketSkype umon is free.

Please direct our download links outside of the n server. We cannot influence the creator of the application to change the link, download the application, and its server failures. Of course, we cannot send such applications of e-mail problems to such problems. For this reason, we are happy to notify us of problems with downloads – most of them are caused by a new version and a change in URL. Thank you for your understanding.



The WeekNum program can calculate a week of the year according to the specified date, in several formats. So uke how the day is in the range 1-366 or the day of the week.

Download here


The palmFTPServer program is an FTP server that can execute, for example, RETR, STOR, STOU, PASV, PORT, USER, PASS, LIST, REST, HELP, SYST, QUIT, CWD, PWD, MKD, CDUP, RMD and DELE commands. It works both on the old (m130) zazench and on the T | X palm. According to the creator of the application, this is an experimental program. If you decide to try the program, the author will be vdn for any stint from uvn.

Download here


Do you know that you should drink eight glasses of water a day? But how do you remember how many of them he drank? But that’s where this simple program comes from. And if you forget, you can set an alarm to remind you to drink two liquids.

Download here

Screen Button

Launcher for shortened startup applications, and allowed operations. He has drawn nine large keys on the display, which you can use to predefine various functions. Dal can be mapped to the button. You can have several such launchers (switch between them in the category menu). The latest version fixes a few bugs from the past.

Download here


Secure Notes

Personal Information Manager, which allows you to record and keep your sensitive information under control. The same database can then be used on a PC.

Download here

Active Sync Toggle

If the Internet launches ActiveSync automatically whenever a handheld is connected to a PC, there is one in the world. It’s called Active Sync Toggle, and you can set up synchronization options as needed.

Download here


TMan is a simple task manager for PocketPC. It supports terminated and minimized applications and its size in memory is only 24 kilobytes.

Download here


Have you ever tried the free internet? Then you know that in this way you can learn quite a bit, even call for free. Internet telephony is not just considered by desktop users, you can call directly from your PocketPC. You can download the PocketSkype program, log in and register, and if you have a PDA with a 300+ MHz processor, the Pocket PC 2003 system and a high-quality Internet connection, you can use the program immediately. Free for other Skype users is free, mobile phone and landline in many countries stand in the hall per minute. The new version improves the graphical interface of the program and the contact. There are also a few two mistakes.

Download here