Password protection of all programs, vocabulary and metronome (PalmareFreeware)

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. Password Launch protects the program in the palm tree with a password. Hitchhiker will find all the hotspots in the area, Wkuwacz pome with a vocabulary of words, AquaNotes is again a helper for all aquarium owners.

If you are a fan of a program for which you do not have to pay, we invite you to take a tour of this software category. He put programs from the world of PDA freeware on your handheld.

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Password Launch v0.5.1

Password Launch pome secure any program in palm tree with password. All you have to do is add the application to the list, then choose a password, and each time you run the program, the user will be prompted to enter it.
According to the feedback in the discussions, the program may not work correctly on some devices (T5, Treo…).

Download here

AquaNotes v1.0

AquaNotes makes it easy for those who take care of fish in the aquarium. The program allows you to keep different meanings, for example, when the water was changed, how fish came, etc. The text is in note format, the data can be entered into the built-in formula.

Download here

SixinOne Dictionary v2.2

SixinOne Dictionary is a dictionary containing a total of six languages. The advantage of the program is that the searched word displays in all of them, which of them in uitenho help, for example on vacation (provided, of course, that at least one of the languages ​​AJ, NJ, FJ, IT, panltina and turetina master).

Download here

Speedy 5.2

If you want to see how fast your PalmOS handheld is compared to other types, you can use the Speedy application, which changes the speed of your PDA very quickly and displays the results in clear bar graphs. There are also a number of new devices such as the Tungsten E2 and Tapwave Zodiac 2 (even the Fossil Wrist PDA is included. The new Palm LifeDrive and Garmin iQue 3200 have been added to the value database.

Download here


Wkuwacz v1.8

Wkuwacz is a simple program for uen new words. This is inserted with the help of an editor that allows you to create your own topics. Subsequently, the words are displayed one by one and you can only choose the quality of the answer with the help of half “time”, “average” and “wrong”.

Download here

Mobile ScreenTester v1.0

With Mobile ScreenTester you can test the display for dead spots. The program works with both QVGA displays and VGA screens. The Framework must be installed for the application to work.

Download here

Hitchhiker v0.2

The Hitchhiker offers free access to Wi-Fi. Just click the Connect button and a list of available main addresses and signals will be displayed shortly. The application also displays the history of connections and washes many settings. The new version supports WEP and WPA-PSK, the number of sounds is deep, when it is connected to each other and more news compared to the previous version.

Download here

PocketTune v2.1

PocketTune is a simple program that replaces the metronome. In the application you can select different speeds for concert, guitar and orchestra instruments, bottom, number of repetitions and different.

Download here