More for a blocked phone and a mole-long adventure

Pinme vm gave an overview of the program for Symbian. Smart Hider is used to protect personal data in a mobile phone. Phone Unlock can change the forgotten security of your phone, Expense Tracker is designed to record data and Rush Mole 3D is an attractive game with a mole in the lead role.

Smart Hider

Smart Hider is used to protect personal data in a mobile phone. With the help of the program you can cut selected texts first, the person in the contact sheet and put the data. After activating the program, it hides the selected items and for possible seducers they behave as if they were not in the phone at all.
The application is password protected and can save data both in the phone memory and on the card memory.

Programs for Symbian

Program pro S60 zazen podte for $ 14.99.

Phone Unlock

Phone Unlock can change the forgotten security of a kd phone. He will replace it with the registered one, which you will receive together with the purchase of the application. So if you decide to try the test version, you will have nothing else left than to write down the program anyway.

Programs for Symbian

Buy a somewhat controversial application that only works on some Nokich (3230, 6600, 6620 and N70) for $ 10.00 here.

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker is an application designed to record data. For purchased items, you can enter more than their name or category, which includes the amount or type of payment and the price in different types of currencies. Get married, so at the end of the day you see the total amount you spent.

Programs for Symbian

In the program, you can read the list so that you can enter the date you are interested in and you will immediately see the route for the given period.

The program is designed for all phones that support Java and buy it for $ 9.99 here.

Rush Mole 3D

Rush Mole 3D is an attractive 3D game for selected S60 devices. You have to collect crystals around the role of a mole, but avoid the various pitfalls that are waiting for you at the bottom.

He waited for the levels, excellent graphics and sounds and the possibility of camera rotation. The difficulty is optional from three stages.

Programs for Symbian

Unfortunately, the game does not have a demo version, so you should not try it before buying it for $ 8.99.