Moonfighter! – save your humanity from a rocket with your rocket (review)

Game Moonfighter! is a new poin made by Astraware. In addition to the omnipresent aliens, you will have to deal with gravity, which is constantly acting on your rocket. Not in a thousand levels!

Game Moonfighter! vs leads to the distant cosmos, where it is around you to arm your rocket in front of the flyers and collect capsules with energy. It sounds simple, but in addition to the heat, you will have to deal with gravity, which will leave you alone for a while and always in the right direction.

After running the game, you can choose from three modes. At the moment, the Moon Academy is designed, it will offer a guided mission with a description of all the elements that appear in it. According to you, you can try a total of three thorns as well as both in the control of the ship and the shooting of the enemy. There are several types of these – Gun Turret is a static cannon that only points in your direction, but does not move. Missile Turret breeds similarly, only fires a strong volley, Saucerbot moves it freely in space and will arm it in the intersection, Spiderbot reminds the octopus, but only runs along the walls.
Among other elements, there is, for example, a jet Door Switch, which you usually have to fire a few times to activate and deactivate the laser beams, which defects the input according to.


A space scanner will help you with the orientation of the space, which shows the only skin and shows the individual enemies. Another indicator is the condition and condition of your ship, which weakens whenever your ship is lazy or lazy.

If you read the instruction, you can embark on a full bowl, where you can choose from a total of five difficulties. There are thousands of levels, and if you get tired gradually after one round, there’s nothing to try out the Infinite Moons game mode, which can either do a rear mission with the help of a code or generate a suitable level.

What the game room is about is Moonfighter! at a very good level. On QVGA devices, the two-dimensional graphics are very fine. The control of the rocket is simple, the joystick and two definable buttons, one of which is used to switch on the rocket motor and the other to stelb. The game is also sound, the accompanying music is a mistake, which is quite a code, or it could add to the gloomy cosmic atmosphere.

The game is available for both PocketPC and PalmOS zazen. Its standard price is 20 USD, the manufacturer is now selling the Moonfighter in action! for the price of halves. There is also a trial version limited to running a few levels and choosing from only a few difficulties.