Light up the game, clear the universe from the UFO, or catch the arcade arcade (Pocket Games)

We have a nice weekend ahead of us and since we don’t sleep much during the weather, it’s all the time to try out new games for handhelds. Today we will go duck hunting, look for one acne of legends and, of course, close the whole area with the Classic section.

News and updates

Duck Hunt

A fun pin company pin game
Webvisia and as the name suggests, it is nothing more than an arcade of ducks.

In Duck Hunt we will not shy away from the tables of best results, humorous graceful graphics and cute sounds.

The game costs $ 9.99, the price is the same for both platforms.


He took down the Dreamway leads from the company
Handyent not only palm and MS Smarthphon are important, but now you can play this game on your PocketPC.

In a row, ride a total of seven tratches in very original locations full of bonuses, which opponents (or vm) can enter once they use. There are seven cars and a degree of difficulty in the selection.

The game costs $ 14.95.


Rusk firma
Pyva has released a new logic game Lights for owners of PocketPC and MS Smarthphon.

It is all around you to connect all the straps with crushes so that they can light up in complete sweat. Start with simple straight, but gradually the difficulty will increase and in the last rounds you will sweat.

The game costs $ 4.95.

Acne, the legendary space spray known from MAME arc machines, is now available for your palm trees (4.0>, 320 × 320) thanks to companies
Namco America.

You fight for more than 250 levels with ever-increasing difficulty. After reaching a certain sweat, the point will increase your life and you will also get to the bonus rounds, where you can increase your skills much faster.

The game costs $ 14.95.

Bowling Master
Get quality bowling for your mobile phone with the MS Smarphone 2002/2003 system, which is sparse for these phones? Then try the novelty from dlna
Mobirate – Bowling Master.

It is truly original to be able to play with only one hand, specifically with your finger. Of course, the graphic graphic is not missing.

Bowling Master is also available for PocketPC, where there is a game with a friend in multiplayer via Bluetooth. code only that the Smartphone version does not support this option.

The game costs only $ 5.

Diamond Mine

We got here a clone of the logical seed Bejeweled urn for phones with the Symbian S60 system.

Clem Diamond Mine is therefore a change of two diamonds to create at least three diamonds of the same color in a horizontal or vertical position.

The game costs $ 4.99 and is created by the author AG.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

A classic cover of knee benches for our publishing company
Vercal Technologies.

The game is not full of bombastic graphics and sound processing. But its simplicity and especially the fact that it is free.

Download HERE.


On top of that, let’s remember the game of Czech creators from the company

At the time, IQ3D was a graphically top 3D first-person spray (from a first-person perspective). It does not contain dn pbh, just walk on arn and press on the surface.

The game was released only in beta versions, and we still couldn’t make it to the final version. Therefore, we recommend running it only on old palm trees, otherwise you may need to lose valuable data.

Download HERE.