Legendrn acn game Rick Dangerous for PDA completely free

In eight days there will be three days and for us it means an eager shopping drill for our loved ones. Make someone happy for you with a new game for PDA – you can definitely choose from this overview. You can even get a few featured games for free.

News and updates

Ant Technologies create a logic game designed for color and black LowRes and HiRes palmm.

Pearls of different colors will constantly fall from the top of the screen. You can destroy as many pearls as possible by clicking on a group of balls of the same color. If the bottom pearls grow to the highest age, you will lose a life. After those encounters with age limits, the game ends and the results are completed.

The game costs $ 7.99.

Battle Zone – EARTH
Battle Zone – EARTH is a classic acne spray in which you have to arm your city before flying an alien. Lose points if you hit a ship.

Run the game on PalmOS from version 5.0 with HiRes resolution. The manufacturer is the company Webvisia and the game costs $ 9.99. Download the demo version HERE.

Buck Needs Beer
around the new arcade Buck Needs Beer by the author
James Cookjr your friend Buck is standing around the bar, not a single beer would fall.

The game can be run on all palm trees from version 5.0 with HiRes resolution. Cost a nice $ 1.45.

Zombie Buster

New Zombie Buster tests your reflexes and shooting skills.

Your goal is with your police team to evacuate the civilian house from all the zombies hiding in it. You have to look for two things – consumption or fight and try not to shoot your colleague from the police. If this happens more than a tikrt, the game con.

The maker of the game is the company CondetSoft. You can find the version for MS Smartphone HERE. Cost $ 9.99. Demo version unfortunately not available.

Battle Cake X-mas

On displays
PocketPC a Symbian S60 pin firma Hero Craft akn arkdu, which is most interesting by supporting multiplayer via Bluetooth technology.

In one of 25 arn, control your hero and arm yourself in front of the streams of wheel throws.

The game costs $ 14.95.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

Rick Dangerous

With the game Rick Dangerous, we delve into the confession of the 90’s, when the original version of the game on the tabletop saw the light of day.

Thanks to the author Chrilithovi we can play this legend on our palms as well. Unfortunately, the game on the Treu 600 did not break, but maybe you will be the one.

Download free of charge.

You can download a pass from another author for MS Smartphone for free HERE.

Offer the author completely free of charge
Igor Lozitskiy a new board game from ancient Greece for PocketPC.

Your goal is to capture all your enemy’s warriors. You can play both against potai and with your opponent on one PDA.

FreeCell for PocketPC
For a break, you can try the solitaire card game FreeCell known from desktop PCs.

The game offers you and 2 trillions of card layouts and an unlimited amount of undo move (back again). It is free and the author is Nandhp.