ibenice, clock speaker and Sega Megadrive emulator (Programs for Symbian)

He gave an overview of the program for Symbian is here. NiceClock Lite gives a clock from your display. Picodrive umon to play games for Sega Megadrive, with Hangman you can play popular ibenici again.


The Hangman is a popular poppy for the Series60 zazen. The game is designed especially for children aged 6-16, but it does not prevent you to try it, especially when it is free. It is like donationware, if you like it, you can send any gift to the author.

Programs for Symbian

Download free mete here.

NiceClock Lite S60

We mentioned the NiceClock program in previous episodes of our series. Now the bag has released its lite version, which offers similar functions, especially the bag much more skin for displaying the clock as a screensaver. In addition, the application will serve as an organizer, alarm and speaker clock. It can alert you to missed calls and incoming SMS and serve as an automatic key lock.

Programs for Symbian

A trial version of the program, which should be compatible with many Series60 devices, you can try for free, the full version costs $ 9.95 and you can find it here.

RMRLock (Nokia) – Password-Protected Screensaver

Spoi screen secured with a password, it is RMRLock. After installing it, you can select in the Nokia 9300/9500 whether it should be activated after the device is opened, after a set time interval, and after pressing any “hot” keys. For example, the screensaver shows me information about the owner, in case the communicator loses and finds an honest finder who would like to shake it. Photographs can serve as a background, several backgrounds are included directly in the program.

Programs for Symbian

The application costs $ 15.00 and the trial version can be downloaded here.


With the Picodrive app you can enjoy games from zazen Sega Megadrive / Genesis. Picodrive can be run on Nokia 9300, 9500 (S80) and 7710 (S90).

Programs for Symbian

You can download the emulator for free here, at the same address you will find instructions on how to run the program.