How to retrofit PocketPC (tet st)

Pinme gave you a length of how to equip your PocketPC with applications that are free. This time we focused on clocks and calendars, teky e-book, note pads and applications for data compression and installation. Let’s advise how to travel programs.

If you are a PDA user, you were sure that when you bought it, you encountered the fact that the software equipment did not meet your requirements and you soon began to look for the corresponding programs elsewhere. The following selection of a program that could facilitate your optimal application is limited to software that is rated by most users as the best program in the world. The basic criterion for the selection of applications was the price – all programs listed here are free.

Until recently, we brought a similar view for palm users. In recent weeks, you could find the first and second best free programs for PocketPC on Palmar.

Clocks and calendars

WolfClock 3.0

WolfClock is an alternative to the various paid table clocks and booths. Here you can set the background, colors, sounds and a bunch of other things. Of course there is support for MP3, WAV, OGG, MOD and other audio formats.

Download from here

10gSoft World Clock Sync v2.0

World Clock Sync is an application that displays international telephone prefixes and time in 220 world resorts. The clock is synchronized via NTM time servers whenever you connect both ActiveSync and GPRS devices.

Download from here

SmallTime v1.7.0.0

The SmallTime program can be used mainly in the kitchen as so-called minutes. This is an application displaying and the response time did not depend on each other. For each one, it is possible to check whether or not I can warn myself with an alarm after the wash, the application can be launched in another mode, like a clock across the entire screen.

Download from here

Calendar+ v2.26

Calendar + is an extension plug-in for the standard calendar in PocketPC. In the program it is possible to set for how many days (possibly hours, meetings, etc.) the calendar information should be displayed in the Today screen. It is possible to include either all-day events, days without events and completed events, or define meeting characters. The program also allows you to set the text size for meetings and headers with the date, wrapping and display format. The application also supports the esk language.

Download from here

Birthdays v1.2.0

If you are the owner of PocketPC 2003 and you have a date of birth in your contact list, the birthdays are displayed in the Today screen after the birthdays have been born. Together with it, it can be displayed so far.

Download from here

teky a prohlee

If you use a PDA as well as an e-book, you must have found that the integrated browser is limited to a number of pouitch formats. Natst there are also free alternatives, one of which is MobiPocket Reader. The free microBOOK (μBook) is now charged $ 12.

MobiPocket Reader v5.0

Universal e-book and first for PalmOS, Windows CE and Psiones. For example, deal with DOC, PRC, TXT and HTM files, but also BMP, GIF or MP3. Um bookmarks, supports full-text search, zoom, etc.

Download here

If you want to view PDF files on your PocketPC, you will need a blanket.

Adobe Reader for Pocket PC v2.0

Program for viewing a document in the Adobe format – Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF). As with other platforms, it is also free for PocketPC.

Download from here


visNotes v2.1.1

If you both need to write a note on your PDA, but don’t make sure that someone else, in addition to vs peetl, reads the visNotes program. This note block is protected by a password and the data is stored, so the possibility of misuse is zero. The application exists for both PocketPC and PalmOS platforms.

Download from here

Data compression and installation

Just like on a PC, you can also come across a case on your handheld when you need to pack and unpack a file. Data compression programs are used for this. Although Pocket RAR is charged for personal computers, the opposite is true for PPC and you can download the application for free.

Pocket RAR v3.50

Compression program from WinRAR creators. In addition to ZIP, RAR is one of the most natural compression formats and provides 8-30 percent more compression than ZIP.

Download from here

There is a CabInstl program for convenient installation of the CAB file.

CabInstl v1.04

CabInstl is a CAB file installer. In the program window you can see the file size, their number, compression method, etc. You can also select the default address where the files will be installed and the association of the application with the files.

Download from here


If you are going on a trip, there are many useful programs that will make it easier for you to fully fulfill your vacation and business trips. You can find the types of programs (some for pensions, others for free) in this article.