How to equip PocketPC for free (first st)

Many recent PocketPC owners will soon find that the software supplied by the manufacturer with the device they are purchasing is not completely sufficient and they will start looking for applications that offer better functions and comfortable control. This article should help you find optimal applications, just for inspiration.

If you are a PDA user, you were sure that when you bought it, you encountered the fact that the software equipment did not meet your requirements and you soon began to look for the corresponding programs elsewhere. The following selection of a program that could facilitate your optimal application is limited to software that is rated by most users as the best program in the world. The basic criterion for the selection of applications was the price – all programs listed here are free.

Until recently, we brought a similar view for palm users.

Music and sound

Among the free music players, there is a program we can recommend. The last of these applications is then a voice tag.


GSPlayer is a sophisticated player that, in addition to MP3s, manages the increasingly popular Ogg Vorbis. Handle HTTP streaming, ID3 tags, 10 psmov equalizer, Surround / Bassboost / Reverb / Echo effects and wash skinnability. I don’t miss the time to turn it off and the tribute.

Download from here


Play file in MP3 / Ogg formats. It has a large control button (optimized for easy control of the fingers on the PDA display) and also supports control with hardware buttons. The advantage of the heater is that the program reduces the CPU requirements.

Download from here


NoteM is an MP3 voice tag created as an alternative to the built-in note application. In comparison, about 5.5x better compression of audio data at comparable quality. The look is similar to the built-in note application.

Download from here


Although Media Mobile is powered by Windows Mobile, there are also better applications for playing videos.

PocketTV Classic

Pocket TV Classic is a player that can handle not only MPEG files, but also the interpretation of music and pictures. When playing a .mpg file, fullscreen mode is of course supported. I miss the popular screen shot. The user is very proud of the program, especially for its small size, but at the same time sunny stability and quality of the superimposed image.

Download from here


TCPMP is one of the features that can seamlessly play DivX movies on a PDA without the need for prior conversion and without the installation of additional codecs.

Download from here

Graphic view

You could take a picture of how to select a program for displaying photos on your PocketPC device’s screen in the five free apps we brought you last week. So only strings for these programs.

XnView Pocket

XnView Pocket is a sophisticated photo viewer that allows for so complex image editing. Photos can be displayed in many modes, as well as editing functions, the program offers quite a lot.

Download from here


Small but powerful review of graphics files. It supports JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG formats. The art of full screen display, thumbnails, magnifying glass, rotation, gamma correction, slideshow.

Download from here

DAVA Picture Viewer

View images with many functions: fast upload of large images, support for BMP, GIF, PNG and JPEG, full-screen mode, slide show support, JPEG and BMP conversion, rotation and zoom card support, thumbnails…

Download from here

Graphic editors

There are a number of editors, I recommend two of them, I think one is a relatively old, but very well equipped program.

Mobile Workshop

Powerfully equipped graphics program with plug-ins or often in the freeware category. In its normal version, this serves as an trailer for the paid Professional version of the program. Pesto bag Mobile Atelier is a full-fledged functional program, which from the Pro version only in some aspects (nem undo, palette editing, does not support JPEG, etc.).

Download from here

Pencil Box

Drawing program – this does not always have to be a highly sophisticated application with many unpacking tool castings and pallets. With Pencil Box just click on the right crayon and you can draw! In addition to the eight crayons, there is also an eraser and the possibility of removing the entire drawing. The image is automatically saved as a BMP file.

Download from here

Organiztory mylenek

ADB Idea Library

Outliner organizers of thoughts and ideas are a relatively astm guest on the PDA, because it is customary for good products to appear in the freeware category (with the exception of PalmOS Progect). Even on the PocketPC handheld, you can download a program that allows you to record and then sort and organize your thoughts, projects, procedures, etc. My thoughts can have the character of text, drawings, voice notes, and areas (files). It is possible to structure and organize and link to the bicycle database. The list ability would take up the whole article, definitely give it a try!

Download from here

Finann programs

HandWallet Basic

HandWallet Basic is a program for the first income, delivery and budget. In addition, he will take care, for example, of keeping the status of three payment cards and can go much further.

hand wallet basic

Download from here

You can put your tips on interesting applications from individual categories in the discussion below the article.