Hockey World Champions – the first hockey simulator for palm trees

The hockey simulator for the PalmOS device, which was released only recently, offers a lot of great graphics and, in addition to the seemingly mastered game, the animated bull itself. You can read about the only sports experience in the review.

Company Deluxeware has been in the field of quality games for palm trees for a long time. For example, we can name the great Bowling Deluxe, Bomber Deluxe (a clone of DynaBlaster) and a table football called Table Football. But today we will deal with a new hockey simulator called Hockey World Champions (HWC).

The main menu contains the following items:

Start New Game starts a new game. There is a selection of two game modes. If you want to play a quick exhibin back, choose Single Match. We also recommend that you try this mode to catch the game and control it. Only when you honor the opponent strong enough, you will be in the game of play, which you can call by clicking on the menu Championship, spn.

Tutorial is the place you should go to first. The movement of the game, the shooting at Brno and the game of two to two are explained theoretically and practically in those beds.

Use the button to turn the sound effect on / off Sound. He stayed Instructions, Registration, About a Quit they are clear.

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Before each game, you must choose your dark set. There are 8 hockey sticks for the collection, among them the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, we did not realize that darkness would be somewhat different from the color of the jersey, which is definitely a code.

The game and its control
Hockey from the tradition has started bulls. There was an animated window in it, and you’re dreaming in a ball, when the pitch throws the puck at the slide, click on the screen with the stylus.

The whole game is controlled only by a pen, which is added to the current course. Therefore, it is necessary to try the tutorial before the game, you will not get used to it. You move the game with the stylus away from the game’s head (you can switch it at the same time) in the direction where you can skate. Make the shooting and the funnel with the curved pen at the place where you want to shoot the funeral. The stelby should depend on the distance of the direction from the edge of the head. On the display you can see information about the time remaining in the aunt and the scoreboard.

There are no rules in the HWC, no offsets, no release or no more than two doors. The game is designed for speed and ridding, so don’t deal with these “slowdowns”. For many hrs, this is a good idea, for die-hard fans to spe koda. First, here in the settings, let’s consider any possibility of enabling these standard rules.

At the end of the aunt or the game itself, statistics will appear on the screen summarizing the number of goals scored and collected, as well as the number of shots and fouls.

The graphics are perfectly level. At a fast pace even on older processors below 200MHz. The company requires at least PalmOS 5.0, 250MHz and more for the game (as was the case, also for 133MHz krsn b) and HiRes different, but ATTENTION! HWC managed to run on the Treu 600 with LowRes resolution, unfortunately without sound and degraded quality in the displayed text. It is therefore only the user’s position, so the company will not be responsible for any data loss, etc.

The hockey toilet did not disappoint in the day, but there are only errors in the furnace, especially any rules, graphics and difficulty you can easily control, if the game gets under you. But if you’ve hit the January hockey simulator hard in the field of PDA games and you’re a fan of it, don’t have anything for $ 19.95.