Great test view photos for free

We tested for vs pt prohle photos for PocketPC. The only criterion for the vbr product was their zero price. Interested in what I can do in such a free application and if there are significant differences between the tested ones?

In the previous few days, we tested five images for the PocketPC device. The only criterion to be included was the price of the program, which we set as zero. Although you will find the photo viewer application installed as standard in Windows Mobile, its functionality is limited and there are much better products on the market, some of which are free, which was the impetus for this test.

List of tested products

XnView Pocket version 1.31, Viever 3.1, DAVA Picture Viewer v2.05, FS Viewer v1.00 and Image Stack application in the same version were included in the test.

How it was tested

We downloaded and installed all programs on a Dell Axim X5 device with a fixed clock frequency of 400MHz. Photos of about 1MB (images with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 dots without compression) were stored on 128MB Kingmax SD cards. In addition to seeing what each program offers, we were particularly interested in how fast you can view photos and how fast and in what quality they will be displayed later. First we left 26 photographs, the second time we repeated the test with a sample of 72 snmk in one address.

Introduced individual programs

XnView Pocket

XnView Pocket is a sophisticated photo viewer that allows for so complex image editing. Photos can be displayed in many modes, such as thumbnails, in a text list, in a side view with image details, and in a dog view. Images can also be sorted by name, date, type, size and resolution of the photo, both in ascending order and vice versa.

The options include the application of both types of zoom (25 – 400 percent), the ability to be displayed in the original size, automatic image adjustment and change the rotated photo.

Test prohl

The program offers quite a lot of editorial functions. Let’s name, for example, the possibility of converting a photo into another format (JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG), where you can choose such an image quality. Depending on the size of the images, their brightness and contrast can be changed, and they can be sharpened or blurred.

The program allows the door change of file names, capture the status of the screen and send photos to e-mail. Umon also created slideshows and albums.

The application handles the loading of more than one board of different formats.

As for the test, the previews were displayed relatively quickly in both cases. After double-clicking on the selected photo, it was enlarged according to the specified criteria, and then nothing shifted at each other by moving it to the other images by moving the button. The delay in the transition to another was 2-3 seconds, the program did not deviate in any way from most competitors. The displayed photos in the original size was a matter of about six seconds.

The program did not crash all the time and it was possible to work with it correctly and relatively quickly. You can download the application here.


The Viewer program is an intrinsic view with only a minimum of settings. It supports three file types: JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG. After running it is only necessary to select addresses with photos and they are then displayed in the preview. By clicking on one of them, the image is displayed across the entire screen, by moving the button you can get to the next photo. While it is displayed, you can press the icon to activate the md slideshow.

So Viewer didn’t care if there were a dozen or seven-photographers on the card, the thumbnails were created in both cases without any problems, so you can write about the image. It went a bit faster than with the previous program, the time to take the next photo was about two seconds. The program automatically adapted the size and natoen of the photo type. He gave the function of a bag application error.

Download the application here.


The Dava program was the test of the photographs tested on the PDA. It is quite similar to XnView in terms of design and functions. After the photo has been taken, the images can be displayed either in the preview bar as thumbnails or in the form of photos, or directly in fullscreen. It allows you to set the automatic rotation and adjust the size of the window frame. In the error setting, the slideshow option is selected.

For each photo, you can view detailed information about the book, turn it on, and add it. There is also the possibility of adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image. Images can be saved in either JPG or BMP format or in an album.

The program can set BMP, GIF, PNG or JPEG files. Handle images in ZIP files. In the preview view The data does not lag behind the two previous programs at all times, when loading it is necessary to wait at the loading of all images, or the user program will not start according to them on the first five, if it is set to display in the lower view bar.

In his program pedil all his competitors, the speed of the image is rendered when it is enlarged. This was always done without a hitch, while other applications increased to the original size always took a few seconds. Download from here.

FS Viewer

FS Viewer is an exact type of software that is free, but shows what a PPC image should look like. The program is poor both in its settings and what its interface is. Natna photography is slow, I don’t always want to upload images. And if so, the displays are chaotic, or the program often crashes.

What is worthwhile is that the manufacturer of the application boasts of its small size (80 KB). There are many better views in this category and you can’t even think about the price. Ppadn download here.

Image Stack

Image Stack is the same size as the previous program. When running on the user, it can cause lightning-fast reactions, but this is only caused until the address is selected with pictures. In addition, the program cannot display thumbnails, so you can only view all the available photos one by one.

The transition between slides takes a long time, about 6 seconds. There is nothing more to do with images, only to have information about the size of the image displayed (not physical, but currently). Nothing can do anything and any of its manufacturers on the website prompts you to use a large program, for example when presenting photos to friends, we recommend for this one of the previous applications (except FS Viewer), which Image Stack is much better represented. You can download from here.


The description especially showed how each program in the test. We can recommend the application right away. XnView Pocket offers the most functions and at the same time it performed very well in display speed. The viewer is again a pure overview, so if you do not look for additional functions, you will not be able to install this program next to it. It gives so many functions, but still behind its competitors in their sweat limbs. This bag compensates for the speed of the enlarged photo. We do not recommend any of the remaining tested products.