Glued free from PDA for free and WinXP to palm

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. ISpin is a launcher given mostly to Windows XP. Resco Locker allows you to lock applications in memory, Skype again released the final version of the program for free last week.

Please direct our download links outside of the n server. We cannot influence the creator of the application to change the link, download the application, and its server failures. Of course, we cannot send such applications of e-mail problems to such problems. For this reason, we are happy to notify us of problems with downloads – most of them are caused by a new version and a change in URL. Thank you for your understanding.


Resco Locker

Resco Locker allows you to lock applications in memory. This completes its fast start. You can lock individual programs or all software. The application can only be used with devices with NVFS, ie T5, Treo 650, E2 and LifeDrive. Palm TX is now supported, and background applications are also detectable.

Download here


Currency Converter Currency supports 146 currencies and among them is the Czech koruna. The current course can be downloaded online or directly to the palm tree as a pdb file.

Download here


iSpin is a launcher due to most remembering about Windows XP. Of course, the program manages all the functions that the launcher can do correctly, that the manufacturer’s page can download new darknesses and add add-ons for it. The program can also handle the display of JPEG images and serve me as a file manager. On this page you will find put dark, canals and language packs for the program.

Download here


He gave a series of programs for the registration of gasoline and the production of statistics. The ns program attracted not only the attention of “prices” – but also the creation of graphs, which was not exactly common in this category. He does not miss the import and export of data and localization into many world languages.

Download here


Phone Profiles

The Phone Profiles program allows PocketPC communicator owners to set up their breeding facilities when they are free or connected to Wi-Fi. You can set up nine profiles for which you can select the microphone and speaker volume. According to tn and its type or sound for new incoming SMS. In addition, Bluetooth, GPRS and Wi-Fi can be customized using the program’s interface.

Download here

Skype for PocketPC

Skype released the final version 2.0 of its communication software last week. Both the quality of free and the synchronization of contacts from the program to the PC and Skype should be slightly more stable than the previous version.

Download here


If you are the owner of PocketPC 2003 and you have a date of birth in your contact list, the birthdays are displayed in the Today screen after the birthdays have been born. Together with it, it can be displayed so far. New pin version several fixes and improved.

Download here


Program for structured notes for Windows and WindowsCE. Contains ifrovn note (BlowFish) and quick search. Notes are communicated between PC and PPC.

Download here