Get a phone on the thief or try a great dictaphone

Pinme vm gave an overview of the program for Symbian. ALON MP3 Dictaphone is both a sound marker for both MP3 and WAV files, as well as a music player. MobiGuard doke lock your phone for a long time, Best Screen Snap free capture screen status.

ALON MP3 Dictaphone

ALON MP3 Dictaphone is a sound mark for both MP3 and WAV files. In addition, the program also manages these and OGG formats. When playing, there is no possibility to select music from addresses and subaddresses, an organizing file or to pause / resume playing songs.

The so-called hot buttons can be used, with which you can define individual functions in advance.

Programs for Symbian

The main program, which is designed for the Nokia Series 60 device, can be purchased for $ 24.95 and you can try it out from here.


MobiGuard can lock the phone for a long time. After it is lost, stolen or replaced, the SIM card can be sent to the Symbian device first and the display will show a deep block. The message from which you sent the text message is asked, and you can try to contact the thief or finder.

Programs for Symbian

There is no test version for the program and you can buy it for 18 USD.

Best Screen Snap

Best Screen Snap is an application for capturing the current screen of your phone. You can choose from several formats, as well as define a key combination for creating a snapshot or file name and addresses where the screenshots will be saved.

Programs for Symbian

Get the program for free from here.

Arkanoid 2006

Arkanoid 2006 pin to the standatch waters of this type of game is a completely new physical design, where in addition to capturing the ball and the side, you will have to sell a total of eight types of flying ghosts in a total of 40 levels.

Programs for Symbian

A game you can even try for $ 2.49.


Create an iDesk program in the Nokia 9300/9500. It displays free space on available disks and also includes an integrated task manager.

Programs for Symbian

Download the new version of the program, which is free, here.