Evidence of sexual partners and star games for free

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. The Nuts program has made all promiscuous individuals happy. Frodo is an emulator of the Commodore 64 pot, PocketNotepad is a note pad.

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The Nuts program has made all promiscuous individuals happy. It allows the registration of sexual partners together with the date of intercourse, city or long term. You can also check whether the protection was used or not. The program allows filtering by name, password protection and the total length of contact and their number.

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The P-Expense application sends data during business trips or holidays. You can choose from the category, the method of payment and add a note to each person. There is a password protection or a large numeric keypad for entering data.

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Frodo is a Palm emulator for the Commodore 64 computer. The program, which is licensed under the GPL, runs on ARM processors and the PalmOS 5.0 system. There are also versions for Windows, Mac, Linux / Unix, Playstation, Dreamcast and Symbian zazen.

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Background library

Balk Background library pin on palm trees collection of various backgrounds. These are in hi-res resolutions 320 × 320 and 320 × 480, as well as in low-res 160 × 160.

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PocketNotepad is a simple note pad that allows the manufacturer to offer the same functions as Notepad from Windows. The program is compatible with the latest PDAs with the latest devices.

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BattSleep allows you to set the percentage of the battery status, when it is reached, a warning depth is displayed and then the Pocket Pot automatically shuts off. In addition, the program informs about the status of memory full on both PDA and memory cards, but the device can be turned off and restarted through the application.

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Looking for a small but ikn Task Manager for your pocket pot? Then try vBar. According to the manufacturer, the least and fastest Task Manager for PocketPC! The first one can be easily agreed with the size of 21KB, you can explore the kind yourself. The new version improves support for VGA zazen and Windows Mobile 5.0.

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Lover controller and launcher with hierarchical drop-down structure. The application, which integrates the task manager and launcher, is fully compatible with WMSE 2003 devices supporting the VGA screen. The last two versions of the pin have been improved over the previous ones.
If you like the app, you can buy a paid and perfect version of SmallMenu Plus for $ 6.80.

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