Did you get a PDA under the tree? First aid is here!

Not only those who got a pocket pot under the tree this year, we are still traditional first aid. If you don’t know how to deal with it, try to take a look at the list of articles for arrests and moderate progress, which we have published on the Palmare server in recent months and years.

If you have received a pocket sweat for this year’s Christmas and you are not proficient in its control, or you do not know all its qualities, this article is for everyone.

What can my PDA offer me?

In the series, we two focused on the possibilities and abilities of PDAs in various areas of professional and personal use. Many people do not even know where a PDA could help them and what they can handle all these devices.

  • Co mi me PDA nabdnout…. (1) – PIM
  • What will give me a PDA… (2) – Office
  • What gives me a PDA… (3) – Internet and e-mail
  • What gives me a PDA…. (4) – Books and dictionaries
  • Multimedia, graphics, music – What a PDA offers me…. (6)
  • What gives me a PDA…. (7) – Games
  • For laptop PDA instead of laptop, also tabletPC?
  • What should the PDA of the future look like? (What about nm errors?)
  • According to him, choose a pocket sweat

He gave sources of information

Counseling on Palmara!
Palmare has a counseling center in which the database contains both answered and unanswered questions. They can contribute both with their questions and answers. You can find the counseling center here.

In the beginning of the Palmare section, you will find some links and basic information about PDA platforms, as well as tips on how to choose to use both palm and PocketPC.

They are lenny thematically on Palmare and in some of them you will find information from individual thematic areas.

Serily a tmata and Palmare

There are long series on Palmar, as well as special sections. Every Monday, it’s an overview of news from the world of software that you don’t pay for – that is freeware pro PDA. You can find it in the Multiplatforms section and programs to download can be found in the downloads section. On Thursday, there is a regular outbreak applications for Symbian. Dalm serilem je pten hern ploha Pocket games. It is changed to games – pin news, update, miniserily to urit tmata, polls, upcoming news and game classics. You can also find it in the Multiplatforms section.

Current tour of current PocketPC platform models

can be found in rent pedvnonm pehledu:

  • How about a PDA up to eight thousand under a tree?
  • How about a PDA from eight to twelve thousand under a tree?
  • Pehled PDA in price relations over dvanct tisc korun (1/2)
  • Pehled PDA in price relations over dvanct tisc korun – dokonen
  • Let’s choose a GPS pocket pot under a tree

Tips on how to choose a PocketPC can be found in this article and here. If you are going to start buying a used PDA, this guide can help me.

Aspalm to choose

you will find in this thematic article. You can find a tip and a trick that will make it easier to buy a “jet” palm here

Uiten programs for free

If you don’t want to spend too much money on software for your PDA, you can be inspired by our overview of used applications, don’t pay anything for it

  • How to equip PocketPC for free (first st)
  • How to retrofit PocketPC (type st)
  • How to retrofit PocketPC (tet st)
  • How to retrofit a palm

Uiten programs for pensions

  • How to equip a palm – a change to the quality and capabilities of the program

Specific areas

  • Erotic mobile games – inaccessible to under 18 years of age!
  • Are you going on vacation? Your PDA vm pome! (overview of uitench program)
  • Overview program for PDA – exchanged for students
  • Play movies on your Pocket PC and put utilities
  • SDIO – connect your fingerprint scanner to your PDA
  • Types of screen protectors for PDAs and for and how to use them
  • The mature sticker extends the battery life and the charging time
  • Tden with memory cards (1)
  • Tden s TomTom Route Plannerem (1)
  • Lose weight with a PDA (column)
  • Map in PDA without GPS
  • Maps for PDA – raster and vector?
  • patn se vm te? Not to blame in FONT?
  • Li-Ion and Li-Pol batteries in PDAs
  • PDA Cameras – Go for it?
  • PDA – such a expensive titrn surplus?
  • Easter Eggs na PalmOS a PPC
  • Different display on PDA – how to know it?

Basic PalmOS application for full arrests

Mte PalmOS handheld? So it might come in handy for a twenty-day series for arresting with a PalmOS PDA, in which we discussed basic programs, handheld settings, synchronization with a PC, input characters and the like:

  • Zanme s PalmOS (1) – seznmen s organizrem Palm
  • Start with PalmOS (2) – Set to On
  • Zanme s PalmOS (3) – Zkladn manaer application
  • Zanme s PalmOS (4) – Psan a zadvn znak,
  • Let’s start with PalmOS (5) – Control elements of applications
  • Let’s start with PalmOS (6) – Zabezpeen, Npovda and Vyhledvn dat
  • Let’s start with PalmOS (7) – Install, remove and transfer applications
  • Zanme with PalmOS (8) – Synchronization and data transfer from / to PC (HotSync)
  • Let’s start with PalmOS (9) – HotSync modem help, set up
  • Zanme with PalmOS (10) – Set (Prefs)
  • Let’s start with PalmOS (11) – Set (Prefs) – continued
  • Let’s start with PalmOS (12) – Configured (Prefs) – complete
  • Zanme with PalmOS (13) – Zabezpeen (Security)
  • Zanme s PalmOS (14) – Calculator
  • Zanme s PalmOS (15) – Adres (Address Book)
  • Zanme s PalmOS (16) – Di (Date Book)
  • Zanme s PalmOS (17) – Di (Diary) – dokonen
  • Zanme s PalmOS (18) – Zpisnk (Memo Pad)
  • Zanme s PalmOS (19) – koly (To Do)
  • Zanme s PalmOS (20) – ukonen serilu

Those views of the user-zatenka could also allow you to quickly orient and peek.

  • PALM m100 – zatenka view (1)
  • PALM m100 – zatenka view (2)
  • PALM m100 – Zatenka view (3)

Tips and tricks pro uivatele palm:

  • 100 tips and tricks for the palm palmist (1)
  • 100 Tips and Tricks for Palmists (2)
  • 100 Tips and Tricks for Palmist Rentals (3)
  • 100 Hints and Tricks for Palmists (4)
  • 100 Tips and Tricks for the Palmists (5)
  • 100 Hints and Tricks for Palmists (6)
  • 100 Tips and Tricks for the Palmists (7)
  • 100 Tips and Tricks for the Palmists (8)
  • 100 Hints and Tricks for Palmists (9)
  • 100 Hints and Tricks for Palmists (10)

You got a handheld and don’t know what to do with it? Snad vm pome pr naich tip:

  • Oblkme Zire (1) – how with milk udlat hodn!
  • Oblkme Zire (2) – PIM application
  • Oblkme Zire (3) – Office and communication
  • Oblkme Zire (4) – Let’s have fun…
  • Let’s get rid of Zire (5) – how to upgrade your PDA
  • Krusell Platinum Cases – Add a touch of luxury to your iPAQ

Mte njak trable?

These links could help me answer some of the problems and sweat. Try to visit the Counseling Center as well

  • PalmOS5 software – prvn help
  • Vyplat se ekat na OS6?
  • PalmOS 6 is out!
  • Pob OS6 even on older machines?
  • Did you drown your PDA? Nen teba je hzet do koe…
  • What do you remember? Buy a ticket!
  • Build a USB cable
  • Charger for Palm of 3 Volt
  • Napjen Palma – how is it really?
  • Palm – rush to the car
  • When will Palm be born?
  • RESET in many PDS
  • J, I’ll soften the HotSync button and nothing…
  • Jak provst totln hard reset ????
  • Do you have a diet? (1)
  • Do you have a diet? (2) – Dokonen
  • Mlo msta? Move the program to the flash
  • How to upgrade your Palm
  • PDAs after floods – First aid
  • About PDAs lost and rediscovered…
  • Vdr Palm a pehledn test
  • How to proceed when upgrading Palm
  • What is a painless pate from OS4 to OS5?
  • Palm as an MP3 player plugged into the hifi

Specifick oblasti – PalmOS

An overview of several links that might interest you. However, there are hundreds and reviews on Palmar, so don’t forget that we have a search on the title at the top right – try inserting the word word (you “reset”) and look for articles on the darkness that interests you!

  • Leave in palm pst for vs
  • Make sure to load the application on Palmech
  • Upgrade ROM v Palmu
  • Trp in palm lack of tact? (1)
  • Trp in palm lack of tact? (2)
  • Petaktovn – ANO and NO
  • Petaktovn – ANO and NE (2)
  • Fly Zip XR- take a place in your memory!
  • BibleReader pro Palm
  • Alternate vkldn sign to Palm (1)
  • Graffiti – Tips, Tricks, Superstitions
  • Graffiti – Tips, Tricks, Superstitions (2)
  • From Graffiti2 to Graffiti and back – how and for?
  • How for pamov cards?
  • Palm a pamov karty SD/MMC
  • We’re blogging with Palm
  • Palmech Conference
  • fears RSS on PalmOS
  • Shine and smoothing dogs on PalmOS
  • Ztrty a nlezy PalmOS 5
  • Do you know the PalmOS version?
  • How to get saints in your palm tree
  • MegaLauncher 5 – a nvrat among the elite?

Operan systm, upgrade apod.

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 oficiln pedstaven
  • Windows Mobile 2005 has escaped and is among them!
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition – Want to upgrade?
  • Let’s tune the look of Windows CE with CETuner 2004
  • Pocket PC 2002 – co pin ?
  • Windows Mobile, a new sign to the family of Windows systems
  • This version of PocketPC is on the world
  • Do you want Pocket PC 2003? Poite you upgrade!
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Software Incompatibility List – How do applications not work on Pocket PC 2003?
  • PHM Registry Editor a tweaky pro Pocket PC
  • Fuel Pocket PC PowerToys – what the creators of the system forgot…
  • IDOS for PDA is held here!
  • A year with X-mobile from T-Mobile – and what about dl?

Specifick problmy

  • Analyze your memory!
  • Unpack your eyes
  • New version of Flash ROM for Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX
  • Storage Tools – a powerful tool for working with memory cards
  • Tden v zloze – PocketPC
  • Give St. Today a new screen!
  • FunnySnake ThemeKing – krl and sprv vaich tmat
  • FunnySnake TK Creater – make your own skin!
  • Contact PocketPC? And for them?
  • Graphic editors for MDA
  • Data in security 1 – Sentry 2020
  • eBanka na PocketPC handheldu
  • Office in your pocket – how to remotely connect a PDA to your computer

Review uitench program

  • Great test view photos for free
  • Pocket pockets (test you Instant Messenger)
  • Pocket Controller – control your PDA completely from your computer (program review)
  • U2U Converter – vborn converter units free (program review)
  • Pocket Mechanic – good memory card gaming (program review)
  • WorldMate Pro – vcarsk n kadho traveler (program review)
  • Dictionaries for pocket zazen (6.) – BDicty
  • How to compress in Pocket PC (Pocket RAR 3.4 review)
  • Total Commander v2.0 – file manager with new features and stle for free (program review)
  • Card Export II – turn your PDA into a full-fledged data arch (program guide)
  • AJ slovnk od RiveSoftu – posta, a pitom nezruinuje (program review)
  • Active Student Organizer – desires rozvrhy a die
  • FlashCards – vuka slovek hrou
  • Pocket Translator – a dictionary for every situation
  • Mort Saver – clean your batteries!
  • Pocket Mileage – A ride book in PocketPC
  • IDOS 2004 – driving in your pocket (review)
  • Battery Monitor – monitor your consumption!
  • Sunnysoft World offline for Pocket PC – competition for AvantGo?
  • DigiVue 1.0, a novelty for viewing images on the Pocket PC
  • Vdeck calculator – again something for students
  • Pocket PC Cleaner Plus, Multi Owner Hack a Pocket Multi Partnership – thajsk freewarov trojka!
  • NoteM, freewarov voice MP3 rekordr pro Pocket PC
  • VBirthday – and you can easily forget about your birthday
  • TascalSearch – search refining
  • PocketWorldInfo and Pocket Atlas – world in your pocket
  • AccessPanel Platinum 3.0 for Pocket PC – simplify text input
  • StopTime – including help in your pocket
  • PocketMusic 2.0, WinAmp pro Pocket PC?
  • Data in safety 2 – Sunnysoft SafeDisk
  • Treat yourself to a PDA

Hardware reviews

  • Palm keyboard that works with some PocketPCs (review of palmOne Universal Wireless Keyboard)
  • HP External Bluetooth Keyboard – stand still and don’t stand still (zazen review)
  • Spectec SDW-820 – the least SDIO Wi-Fi card (review)
  • Acer n50 premium – nabuen kolib PDA (1st st review)
  • Acer n50 premium – vdr zazen and software vbava (revised st reviews)
  • Royal Linea16 – what about a PDA for 500 crowns? (zazen description)
  • Wi-Fi SD card from palmOne – vkonn routk (zkuenosti z uvn)

Long-term experience with handkerchiefs

  • Long-term experience with PDA – an overview of so far published lnk

Are you going to go from one platform to another?

  • Pechod z Palma on PocketPC
  • Let’s walk from the palm tree to the Nokia 9500 Communicator

Thank you for your trip in 2005 and see you later in the dark.