Dictionaries for pocket zazen (3rd) – RoadLingua

Almost everyone needs dictionaries to work, from students to technical staff. Therefore, a number of applications and dictionary databases were gradually created, so it is quite difficult to choose. Therefore, let’s gradually imagine the best Czech-anything vocabulary.

Gradually, we imagine several dictionary programs for pocket devices and their dictionary databases, but we will not focus only on translation dictionaries, but also on deposit dictionaries, not only in languages, but also professionally.

We have it behind SLovoEd and PocketLingo, so let’s imagine RoadLingua today


RoadLingua is hosted only for dictionary databases, but there are a number of encyclopedic databases for them that are very similar to dictionaries. The application is available in versions for PPC and PalmOS, smartphones are not supported.

The appearance of the program can be modified to some extent, of course it will always contain a list of passwords and a definition of the first one selected. The only right option is to determine the position of the password list (bottom, right or left). Unlike previous programs, the definition of a password is not made up of words, which are also hypertext links to their name, the links are sporadic and their occurrence depends on the author of the dictionary / encyclopedia. For easier orientation, the definitions may contain texts in color, but even in this case, it applies badly to the creator.

RoadLingua, like SlovoEd, can work in “multitasking” (if we can name this mode in PalmOS). In this case, the program takes up the entire screen (even at a resolution of 320480) and the display is supplemented at the bottom by the Hide button, which inserts into the program from which you called the dictionary.

Options that can be influenced and set their breeding field, at least as far as the Lite version is concerned. The settings dialog contains only 6 settings (path to the databases on the card, appearance of the search field, enabling “multitasking”, activation of Global Find support, inserting text from the clipboard after running and finally the size of the font (two sizes).

In addition to text, databases can contain three graphics, which are stored in a separate file, so it is possible not to install it with the main database, if we do not have free space.

Slovnkov databze

RoadLingua is not as rich in a dictionary database as the SlovoEd program. As in his case, the quality of dictionaries is not completely regular – again, these are dictionaries of word pairs. If we are accurate, it pays especially about verbal translations. The English WordNet deposit dictionary is an example of how a dictionary should be long, in addition to the very meaning, there are also synonyms and language details. An interesting feature is the English Pronouncing Dictionary, which is “integrated” into all language dictionaries, and if we have a password that is an English word (eg Mercury), the word is displayed at the top of the password definition. In addition, the dictionary has a dog with it, which makes writing words easier. However, if you do not have English Pronouncing Dictionary registered, the text will be displayed after seconds not registered.

You can choose dictionaries here, the encyclopedic dictionary contains this page, where there is a number of free encyclopedias to choose from.

Zvren rated

The RoadLingua program is definitely not the worst, nor should dictionaries and encyclopedias available to it for anyone. The program is available in two versions for each operating system – Lite and full versions. You get the application with each dictionary, so you don’t have to download it separately.