Dictionaries for pocket zazen (1.) – PocketLingo

Almost everyone needs dictionaries to work, from students to technical staff. Therefore, a number of applications and dictionary databases were gradually created, so it is quite difficult to choose. Therefore, let’s gradually imagine the best Czech-anything vocabulary.

Gradually, let’s imagine several dictionary programs for handheld devices and their dictionary dictionaries, but we will not focus only on translation dictionaries, but also on deposit dictionaries, both in languages ​​and professionally.
First let’s look at PocketLingo, pt will follow SlovoEd.


PocketLingo is a shortcut to a program for which there are a number of databases, namely fixed deposits.
First to the program itself. PocketLingo is one of the darkest ones from the user’s point of view. The window is clearly arranged and provides access to many useful functions. PocketLingo is not so bad in this function, but some of the features of errors or are not available.


PocketLingo is available in versions for PalmOS, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphones, and the dictionary menu varies depending on the platform. The described functions are valid for the PalmOS version, on other platforms the functions may differ. The application itself is free of charge, only buy dictionaries.
After running the program, the user says enough about the registration of the dictionary – the application itself is not registered, but individual dictionaries. After registering or pressing Not Yet, an application window will appear. This is composed of t zlok. In the lower part of the window it is possible to switch between individual dictionaries.


The LookUp block offers a list of passwords in which you can select and after clicking on the password, its definition will be displayed. When displayed, you can go to the next word in the sequence by pressing left or right, press up or down to move the definition. Of course, you can double-click on any word and the program will find the definition of the selected word. When viewing passwords, you can choose from two font sizes (button aA) and check the MyWord option (see by).

He gave functions

The second part is Study, which offers to study a word from the MyWord list. Pressing the confirmation key displays the correct answer, but it is not possible to determine if you answered correctly, so you need to clear the MyWord run list. Button with two arrows, random words promch.

The last component is MyWord, which contains a list of words selected by us. It serves as a source for Study md and allows you to delete known words by deleting them and pressing Remove.

Vocabulary available

There are a number of dictionaries available for the PocketLingo program, depending on the platform on which we want to run them. And with the exception of vocabulary of deposits and professional, translations are represented minimally.
In addition to the MAX, College, Thesaurus, Idioms and ESL language dictionaries for English students, professional vocabulary (Medical, Makli Wall Street and Financial Finance) and translations (Japanese and Spanish-English) are also available. The latter are the “encyclopedias” of Cultural Literacy and the Biblical Dictionary.

Prices for $ 9 and pay if you pay for a complete set of language dictionaries.

Zvren rated

PocketLingo is a good dictionary program, but it has several shortcomings. It does not support HiResPlus resolution (320 × 480), it cannot display smaller fonts and overall due to the surrounding graphics or precious places on a small display. The number of deposit and professional dictionaries of renowned publishers, however, overcomes these shortcomings.