DayNotez – denek pmo ve vaem palmu (nvod k programu)

Would you like to record events according to the event and still do not want to fill the calendar with them or just write them in a text document? Then try the DayNotez program, which is created for such an el. In addition, notes can be easily written to the desktop.

The DayNotez program is used to record events and thoughts that come to mind or are happening at a given moment. With the help of this application, you will not forget how the decision fell on what you promised your wife or husband, or that you imposed some punishment on your children.

I know the new one

The program is very easy to control, but it still provides all the functions you need. First, you have a blank day before you add the note by pressing New. After entering the text you can see in details (Details…) to add or change basic information such as the date and time of the message (otherwise taken automatically), category (it is possible to change it when writing a message), whether it is a private message (works as in other applications), whether it can be supplemented with a flag ( eg for later additions or five), etc. According to the word you can add a word (it is written only once, after which the program adds it according to the required letters) and contact from the address to which it is known. Words and contacts are a detailed word so that you do not have to have a large number of groups.


In addition to the possibility of a few familiar runes, I can also use a prepared template, where we will only add some information. In the menu OptionsTemplates… you can not only create templates, but also edit them later. When writing a template, proceed in the same way as when creating a note, you can determine the desired position of the cursor and thus in the details of the category that will be preset.

Prohlen zznam

The entered note can be viewed in those views – first, it displays below all the texts of the meaning similar to the one in the book. Kind of then only the first few letters and where the meaning is on one line. The last is a view of the calendar, in which you can find the desired day. Switching between views is possible with the help of squares on the bottom of the screen. Next to them are arrows to go to the previous and next day, the letter T between them is used to go to the day of them. According to there are buttons for going to the previous and the next day in which there is some knowledge, a button for viewing and a button New.


The program has a number of settings, which are hidden in the dialog that you select OptionsPreferences… Na pti zlokch mte monost nastavit tm ve:

  • General – Minutes displayed; automatic move to the next day when pressing the cursor keys; shown day after day; displayed keyboard for editing; pouvn standard dialog for vbr time; made wheels without date; display icons in the dk list and display the latest characters at the top. Finally, you can set what should be displayed in the daily or list view.
  • Notes – Set the default setting for notifications here. Check if the new note will be private by default, with the flag and the current date. According to the rounded time, category and settings for sound notes (replacing text, saving to the card, saving in high quality and printing buttons for notification).
  • Password – Possibility to change the password and set the request interval to its back.
  • Fonts – Set the size of the psma for editing, daily and list views.
  • Colors – Selection of colors for individual categories and their use in the daily, list and msnm overview.

Export a import dat

Although the program works as it should, we can both honor the need to publish data in a non-naive application format. DayNotez can export notes in selected interval dn to PalmDOC format (Page – Export to DOC…) and we can keep our notes like a book, so it’s a real day.

Import memes from Notes, Calendar, etc.

There is a program DayNotez Desktop for the Palm application. It has a similar activity as the version for pocket computers, for which it is necessary to pay for the bag.

DayNotez you can go to the blog. How to do it, you will find in this link.



If you are interested in vs the program, then visit the manufacturer’s website and download a demo version where you can test the functionality and whether the application suits you. The full version costs $ 15, when purchased with a desktop application with the ability to share data, the price is $ 25.