Create an unbreakable password or lose weight with a palm (PalmareFreeware)

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. MobiPocket Reader is a great tech e-book. Nyx PassGen generates an unbreakable password, with EiWeight you can record your weight.

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MobiPocket Reader Standard v5.0

Universal e-book and first for PalmOS, Windows CE and Psiones. For example, deal with DOC, PRC, TXT and HTM files, but also BMP, GIF or MP3. Um bookmarks, supports full-text search, zoom, etc.

Download here

Nyx PassGen v1.0

Nyx PassGen is a password generator for Windows Mobile zazen. Words generate the length and use of upper and lower case letters, or even special symbols. The generated password can be pasted into the clipboard.

Download here

PowerCheck v3.6

The small but new application added to the Today screen gave an element that displays the battery status, the amount of free space on the replacement card and in the device’s memory. In addition, it is possible to use the application to turn off the LCD and the PocketPC cell, or restart it. You can record the battery capacity in the My Documentslog.txt file. The last two versions fix some bugs in the program.

Download here

Sudoku Solver v1.05

If you don’t like Sudoku, Sudoku Solver will help you. In addition to generating puzzles, it is simply enough to add to the boxes to add to it, and the application will take care of adding the remaining ones. The program requires eVB Runtime to run.

Download here


XConverter v1.0

XConverter is a simple MPG to liter converter. Just enter the number of liters per hundred kilometers and the number of miles traveled per gallon (and vice versa) will be displayed.

Download here

EiWeight v1.6.1

With the help of the EiWeight program, you can record your current weight and body fat percentage. If you follow these in the file, you can see her standing in your position after a few days in the curve of the graph. The program remembers data even after a few months back and can calculate even in BMI.

Download here

iSpin Launcher v1.7

iSpin is a launcher due to most remembering about Windows XP. Of course, the program manages all the functions that the launcher can do correctly, that the manufacturer’s page can download new darknesses and add add-ons for it. The program can also handle the display of JPEG images and serve me as a file manager.
On this page you will find put dark, canals and language packs for the program.

Download here

Speedy v6.1

If you want to see how fast your PalmOS handheld is compared to other types, you can use the Speedy application, which changes the speed of your PDA very quickly and displays the results in clear bar graphs. There is also the possibility of changing the values ​​of the latest models, but also older devices. Last week’s update fixes a bug in version 6.0 that could cause pd devices. The author strongly recommends installing the latest version.

Download here