Chat dog infrared or manage your wallpapers

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. Registry Tweak displays the battery and memory status on the main screen. Cigarette Count allows the registration of cigarettes, MileageX again fuel.

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Registry Tweak

Registry Tweak is not a registry editor, as many have thought, but a program that displays battery and memory status in Today with the help of small lines.

Download here

Pocket Theme Organizer

The Pocket Theme Organizer application is used to manage darkness in PPC zazen. You can view the preview, let the dark save to the default address, etc.

Download here

Be The Last

Be The Last is a variation of the well-known game Sirky. You have to detonate bombs around you and try to make yours explode last.

Download here


Is the built-in Media Player in your PocketPC unsuitable for any reason? Then you could try GSPlayer. He scores above Microsoft’s product, especially in support of formats, in addition to MP3s, so still the popular Ogg Vorbis. Handle HTTP streaming, ID3 tags, 10 psmov equalizer, Surround / Bassboost / Reverb / Echo effects and wash skinnability. There is also a time to turn off and hold the tribute. Download the beta version for WM5 zazen from here.

Download here



With InfraChat you can chat between two palm trees via infrared. Mon is a text discussion, but you can only send pictures, or both. Especially suitable for knee benches.

Download here

Mac File Extensions

The Mac File Extensions utility contains a list of ppon files from the Mac. There is also the name of the program that can open the file, the description of the application and the possibility to add your own explanations.

Download here

Cigarette Count

The program is one way to make the kuck bad habit uncomfortable. You record where and how many cigarettes you smoked, on what day and for how many hours. Skaln kuky application probably won’t know, but if you’re looking for different ways to get used to it, the program can try.

Download here


Program for the registration of fuel pumps. This keyboard, which makes it easier for me to put directly at the pump.
There is also a desktop cooperating program MileageX Desktop available on the manufacturer’s website.

Download here