Broken Sword – a PDA adventure you won’t break away from (Pocket Games)

This week clearly included the PalmOS hrm. You learned from the headline that the fantastic Broken Sword adventure was released. Follow it with a lot of great 3D mines, on the Pocket PC let’s imagine something for acne games and with Symbian phones we will play a logic game.

News and updates

Broken Sword
We first met the legendary click & point adventure, Zlomen me, in 1996. Since then, they have been created by the company Revolution you dly. The latter, and did not fulfill every expectation, differed both in game processing and in the conversion of graphics from 2D to 3D environment.

Back to the first debt. It bears the memory of Stny Templ, so it is clear that with a charismatic first student from California, George Stobbart, we will get involved in the secrets of mysterious temple engravings. But the journey will be full of logical puzzles (the longest we spent at the archeological excavations in France) and so dangerous, and on the part of the Temples themselves, who are not exactly thrilled, if anyone finally, the murderer of Mourellin Khan himself, meet him at the very beat of the game (and who will save his life from the dangerous first race of the Scottish train).

Of course, you will not be an adversary of adventure. In the next phase of the game, come across the sexy novelty Nico Collard, who will accompany you for the rest of the game. Later, meet the Countess and her grumpy gardener, and a historian at the Pask Museum, Andrm. The game itself is a quantum dialogue with more than 60 characters.

In addition to the capital city – France, visit with George Ireland, remote Sri, change to Spain and Scotland.

The leader of the game Broken Sword from the company Astraware spustte na palmech s OS5 a rozlienm HiRes a HiRes+.

Although 9 years have passed since the original release on the PC and PlayStation, Broken Sword has become one of the top players. Eye-catching pbh, great graphics, lots of dialogue and logic puzzles will pay off for you at the price of $ 29.95.

Let’s hope we can get a second debt – Spc Dragon.

3D Mines
3D Mines is the most original and fun mine-finder you’ve ever encountered. As the name suggests, this dimensional board game has added six dimensions. Natst coped with this nice thing from a technical point of view and 3D Mines play perfectly flawlessly and they are much better, not the original version.

The game offers 11 shapes, among them is a mistake e.g. star of death from Hvzdnch vlek or even 2D spreads from the classic search engine. With a stylus, you just have to help yourself with a hardware button if you mark the field with a mine. You manipulate the camera by tapping the screen off the screen. The timing of the game and the presence of High Scores tables are a matter of course.

3D Mines costs $ 7.77 and the author is a sparrow Szymon Ulatowski.

Wall Breaker

Company CondetSoft will release a simple arkanoid Wall Breaker for palm trees, which will impress me especially with its low price.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the trial version is not available, so we can only rely on the words of the author.

Run Wall Breaker on PalmOS from version 3.5 and all Nokich with Java support. For PalmOS the game costs $ 4.99, for Nokia 1.99 USD.

A Bloody Mess
For $ 9.97, your PocketPC acne A Bloody Mess massacre from the company will be displayed
Geeks of Chaos.

Around the game is to arm the earth before the flow of hordes of zombies. Add to that three weapons – a puck, a submachine gun, a shotgun and a grant. You must also be careful not to accidentally find a wandering child, otherwise you will lose a life.

A Bloody Mess spustte na PocketPC 2002 a vce s minimln 200MHz ARM/XScale procesorem.

Santas Workshop
Christmas was hurrying, so it was time to equip your PDA with a thematic game. The company has released for Symbian S60 phones
Crystaix logic game Santas Workshop.

After a while, find out that it was a clone of Bejeweled translated into the interior. The motivation for edges is the possibility of sending your best results to the company’s website.

Santas Workshop costs $ 5.95 and is without demo version. Buy the game HERE.

V pprav

WildGames is preparing a new acn game Pyromania, which with its processing form a spade RPG Ancient Evil. The pictures look real time, so let’s take a look at the final version. Published in the German magazine preview games (peloeno into English).



In one of the previous ones cell we introduced the new MotoGear for PocketPC. This is an element of the game Elasto Mania known from the PC.

Nyn si mete tuto gameku zahrt i na svch MS Smartphonech. MotoGear costs $ 9.95 and the manufacturer is the company MobiRate. The pro version will soon be available PalmOS a Symbian zazen.