Become the corner of the roads in he Street Duel: Underground! (Pocket Games 166)

On the day of the day, he gave a summary of game news and updates for your handhelds. You can look forward to the original logic game Obulis, the conquest strategy of Slay, and we will live such an ordinary life of an ant. Section In the preparations revealed a full Hungarian Redshift.

News and updates


New logic game with the original nm Obulis from the company IonFx It can stimulate your brain and skills.

around the game is to let all the balls fall into the same color vz. Ve is accompanied by great graphics and a quality music soundtrack.

The game costs $ 11.99.

Pocket Solitare
Card pocket Pocket Solitare contains 24 card games, of which you are sure to know the games Klondike, FreeCell, Yukon, Vegas, Towers i Spider.

Game graphics quality is far behind the competition. Me vs spe impress me with an affordable price – $ 9.95. The manufacturer is the company JSJ Software.

A Bugs Life
Madbeetle has released the ridiculous game A Bugs Life. This is not a bottom of the movie, but a certain acne game in which you and your beetle have to find a way out of the vast caves full of pitfalls and neptele.

Run the game on PocketPC 2002/2003 in QVGA and VGA resolutions and on all MS Smartphones.

Cost $ 8.95.

Street Duel: Underground Racing

Vborn car chases in mstskm nonm prosted are back. Company
Pixelogic has also released a version of Street Duel for phones with the MS Smarphone operating system.

Wait vs. diversify rounds in which your idisk skills will be tested. With a classic chase and seduction dog, you will save your girlfriend from a neptelian gang or branch your parks to a warehouse.

The game for MS Smartphone costs $ 12.99 and for Pocket PC $ 19.99.


The strategy for Symbian mobile phones is sparse, and they are a turn-based game.

Clem Slay is to conquer all lands and destroy the neptural nations. You will manage more territories, you will manage more raw materials and reduce your pensions. From these you can spin still strong units and expand into distant and dangerous cities.

The game costs $ 20, the manufacturer is the company Sean O’Connor’s Windows Games a spustte ji na palmech, PocketPC a SymbianOS UIQ zazench.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

Wrap v1.3.1
All fans of so-called dice poker are known under the names YachtZee or Yacht.
Jakob Trier, which released the game from this nru on PalmOS displays from version 3.1.

Balut offers clear statistics of your games and there is a possibility to upload the results to the author’s homepage. The game is free.

V pprav

EDGE – In the 28th!
On June 28, we will celebrate not only the year of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, but also the release of the most anticipated RPG EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience)
from the company Zane Games.

On the home page, you can save a long list by viewing the newly released screenshots and trailer.

Big full of Redshift
A full Hungarian company Redshift we find a lot of interesting games known from desktop PCs.

Pokud se ve dobe vyda, meme se tit na RPG Might & Magic, dungeon Eye of the Beholder, strategie Settlers, Jagged Alliance a Defender of the Crown a dv legendrn arkdy Dyna Blaster a Boulder Dash.