Become invincible in Age of Fantasy, search for words in the eight-stroke and deactivate all bombs (Pocket Games 148)

We want to catch your eye on the anticipated online game Age of Fantasy for Symbian S60 phones. Then we go with Pavin Jack to collect bombs, play one freeware strategy, take a look at the video preparation of the game and close the Classic section.

News and updates

Age of Fantasy

It is no coincidence that we start with a game for Symbian, or Age of Fantasy is definitely not a traditional game for PDAs, even in our case for mobile phones (unless we have a similar game Tibia).

Age of Fantasy is MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Played Game), we can find a lot of similar ones on the PC (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Ragnarok, World of Warcraft…). It is played via the Internet (GPRS connection on the phone or PC connection). In addition to a number of traders and monsters (NPCs), you will meet all the games with which you can communicate, trade (and with weapons or brnnm), give adventurers and dangers to the dungeon, but together put together weapons.

The priority of the game is to improve your character, complete various quests (rounds) and try to grow into an invincible warrior, mga or craftsman.

The game costs $ 9.99 and the manufacturer is the company Pan Asia Games.

Hunt Words
MamaSoft release for PalmOS computers a classic eight-spoke, which in addition to both word databases also impresses me with the price – 4.99 USD. This version is limited in time and the standard price is $ 9.99.

Run the game on color and black Palm OS from version 3.0.

Lady Birds

The goal of the new Lady Birds logic game is to remove as many ladybugs from a 9 × 9 pea field, creating a horizontal, vertical or diagonal series of five and more ladybugs of the same color.

The game is highlighted by cute graphics, quality music and sounds. Run it on PocketPC, PC and Mac OS. The manufacturer is Dmitri Kornilov and the game costs $ 9.95.

Crazy Jack

In the novelty Crazy Jack from long ago int123 If you help the merry pavilion Jack to collect and destroy all the bombs, there are more than 60 equal parts in six worlds.

Along the way you must avoid water and neptelm. Various bonuses can simplify the situation. The game is controlled by hardware buttons with a combination of stylus.

Crazy Jack is run on PocketPC 2000/2003/2003 with ARM and XScale processors. Cost $ 12.95.


Company eSoft Interactive in cooperation with PDA Mill has released an interesting and original game Spot !, in which you can find slight differences in two pictures.

Spot! contains those regimes, hundreds of pictures + monost gave free download as add-ons and pkn soundtrack created by the author Jaybot7.

The version for PocketPC is new, the game for PalmOS is a few msc on sale. Spot! cost $ 14.95.

Do you have deep in your pocket?

Vavilon Expansion

We haven’t had a free strategy game for PalmOS here for a long time. Potil ns author Sergey Volchenkov, which releases Vavilon Expansion urn for PalmOS from version 5.0 with HiRes resolution.

As in any strategy, you will give village orders, upgrade your units and conquer the land of Ravenous.

V pprav

3D Chopper Fight
OmniG Soft has sounded again for a long time and is preparing an original acne game in a traditional 3D processing.

You will fly with a small helicopter, collect various bonuses and shoot down enemies. The game is unique in its environment, known as the Micro Machines, or instead of rough dungl or arid handcuffs, you will fight in human dwellings.

Ke staen je i beta version or mole videoukzka.


Let’s close the games in the pocket of traditions with the Classic section. Today let’s take a look at a very primitive game that will catch me for hours. Plus, it’s free.

The goal of the URC game is to shoot down with the help of rockets all passing cars and nklaky. Beware of falling vehicle wrecks and bombs.

Run the game on palm trees from version 3.0 including OS5 and its author is Naoki Ito. Download HERE.