Become a god in the casino and a military bed (Pocket Games 168)

We have a traditional portion of game news and updates for your handhelds. Let’s imagine RPG of the year, a great 3D casino and two remakes of 8-bit games. In addition, learn about the award-winning games from PocketPC Magazine.

News and updates


Eighty-eight was the most unexpected day of the year for RPG. Firm ZaneGames released a long-prepared acne RPG in the style of Diablo, an EDGE game based on the name Extreme Dungeon Game Experience.

The game is a real RPG for PDAs. He will offer you tons of equipment in the form of a large and diverse world full of goods and merchants. There is a choice of characters from several races and a nice graphic design.

The game costs $ 24.95 and there are also a few staen demos.

Jackpot Casino

Even the owner of PalmOS is not deprived of a brilliantly designed 3D casino designed for all fans of gambling.

At Jackpot Casino you can play Roulette, Black Jack, Puzzle Slots and Super Slots.

Run the game on PalmOS from version 5 and PocketPC 2000 – 2003 SE with both QVGA and VGA display. There is also a special version for the Dell Axim X50v and X51v, in which you can enjoy multiple enhanced graphics.

Jackpot Casino koupte for $ 15.95.

AFK Yadz
Here we put dice poker processing on PDA displays.

In addition to the standard features we are used to from many competing titles, AFK Yadz allows you to play in multiplayer in teams on one device. There is also a High Scores table and set colors for the game.

Company AFK Software also thought of star palms, you will also play the game on PalmOS from version 3.5. The game costs $ 9.95.

With the game Sabot, let’s return to the eight-bit rye in which this legendary arcade was born.

Around the game is to settle down with you an armored cannon in what happens in the sky and on the ground. The range of neptels is really big, pay for the game fee $ 9.95.

Odd Moon
Remake starch Space Invaders, Odd Moon od firmy
Irrational Code, ek na vae staen.

You fight in 60 levels, their difficulty grows and grows. Here you can choose to play the game (three levels). The full version also includes a map editor.

Odd Monn stoj $ 9.90.

Sam the Walker (I, II)
Kragesoft has released a series of two dl 2D acn adventures by Sam the Walker.

In the hero Sam set out to wander in search of precious treasures. But it was not in danger of him, who is fighting you with a weapon. If the life indicator stays at zero, Sam lands. But you can save the game at any time.

The game exists in two versions. For Symbian S60 and mobile phenomenon. Both dies cost $ 12.99 and it is possible to download the demo version.


Master Kick
On pslib sparrows
INDUSTRY EntertainmentThe company also publishes the Master Kick table football on PPC displays. The game costs $ 14.95 (for Palm OS, the game is about five dollar dra).

The best games according to Pocket PC Magazine
Pocket PC Magazine awarded prizes Pocket PC Awards hrm urenm for PocketPC for this year.

• Acn: Acky’s XP Breakout
• Adventure: Gilbert Goodmate
• Stoln: Monopoly
• Carton: Mahjong Paradise
• Casino: Full Hand Casino
• achy: PocketGrandmaster
• Emultory: MorphGear
• Hern balky: GameBox Classics
• Poker: Multiplayer Championship PokerTexas Hold’em
• Puzzle: Bejeweled 2
• Zvodn: Street Duel:Underground Racing
• RPG: Arvale: Journey of Illusion
• Sprays: Atomic Cannon Pocket
• Simulation: Lemonade Tycoon
• Solitaire: GameBox Solitaire II
• Vesmrn: Anthelion
• Sport: Madden NFL 2005
• Strategy: Age of Empires
• Kvzy: Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition